Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monday, June 18th

Boy, I have a lot to catch you up on. I find myself once again stranded in a NYC airport for the night so I guess I have plenty of time to update you. Did I mention I've been in airports/airplanes for TWO days!!!!!!

MONDAY June 18th

Between the bubble extravaganza and the pringle crumbs, I think the caretakers felt it was best that we enjoyed our children in the courtyard, away from the group. It was a pleasant change. As much as I enjoyed playing with all the kids, it often made it impossible to focus only on Beck. We sat on the bench munching on pringles and apples that we brough him. We was most content to just sit on my lap and take it all in. After at least an hour he got and decided it was time to play ball with Daddy. It was only one of the few times we saw him get really animated. He laughed and chased the ball. At one point it went out of the confines of our area and he set off threw the gate after it. I called out "Nyet!" to stop him and he stopped cold in his tracks and waited for me to retrieve the ball. I was so proud of him. I must say, I'm trying to get a good grasp on Russian, at least at a toddler's level. My most used word would be "sabaca" which means dog (there a few strays that live amongst the building in the orphanage. The first time I used it Beck whirled his head around at me with a look of surprise, almost as if to say "good job, Mommy!" Not to be outdone, when I ask him "where's the baby?" (in English), he'd point at Tim and Hilary's little daughter. Slowly we'll break through the language barrier.

When we brought Beck back to his group for lunch the coordinator and director asked me what his new name will be, for purposes of his birth certificate. I wasn't aware that we'd be making a final decision there on the spot, but luckily Joe and I had spent the drive that morning discussing the matter; Beck Michael Tyler

They seemed pleased and said that "Beck" in Kyrgyz means 'strong man'. A good fit indeed.


Bevtastic said...

Yay! An update.... Oh how I have been waiting.... :-) Sorry you're stranded in travel hell again, but I'm glad to hear you're on your way home. Love the name - so glad you two agreed on "Beck." Call me when you get home!

Jackie said...

Love the name ;) And the pictures are wonderful. Hope you're home soon!!

Garishar said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with us! I couldn't wait to hear how things were going each day and about all the new things Beck experienced. It sounds like he shows an interest in animals, at least dogs. I wonder what he will think of meeting Mr. Dee.