Monday, July 27, 2009


Phew! This weekend wiped me out!
I took my niece and my horse to a horse show Saturday. The good news is it didn't rain ( a miracle around these parts lately) and I tried not to complain as my sunblock-less skin started to sizzle. But at least I got to work on perfecting my farmer's tan... crap.
Courtney and Storm did a fabulous job, but seriously, it was the horse show that wouldn't end. OH MAH HELL! We finally packed up and headed home at 6pm, after 10 hours of baking in the sun. Actually, I should clarify, my horse has his own tent, so technically he didn't bake. Yes, my horses get the preferential treatment. Everyone else can suck it fend for themselves.

One of the more entertaining classes is called the Carrot Race. The horse and rider ride to the barrel where a carrot awaits. The rider dismounts and must coax the horse back over the finish line without touching the horse. At this point in the day, the only thing that would tempt Storm was a trailer ride home. Good thing he doesn't possess a middle finger, cause he'd probably use it right about now.

By Sunday, summer arrived in full swing! Of course there's only one thing to do when the weather is at it's hottest and stickiest.... HAY! Yup, my aunt, Joe and I put up the last of 1000+ bales of hay. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. My aunt and I stayed up in the hayloft to stack the bales, not the slightest hint of a breeze, covered in prickly hay and so muggy I started melting through my clothes. Now that's a hawt visual, eh? But with the threat of a rainstorm coming, we were motivated to sell all the horses bust our butts and get it done quickly.
After lining up for showers, we headed to the local Japanese Steakhouse and rewarded ourselves richly with sushi and a fabulous meal at the hibachi.

And now that summer has finally made an appearance, I decided to give Beck a buzz. I can here the collective gasps. After all, you may remember how the dog's hair cut turned out...
Well the bad news is I was actually going to try for a mohawk, but got carried away and crossed the center line. So he's rocking the complete buzz.

Looks a lot like his original 'do.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thirsty Thursday???

So this afternoon I jumped in the truck to go pick up my daughter at our town's summer rec program. I was zoning out really into the political discussion on the talk radio and before I knew it, I pulled into the parking lot, hopped out and went straight to the classroom. It wasn't until I was chatting away with my son's teacher that reality gave me a swift kick in the arse! WTF! Wrong kid! Wrong place!
The little rugrats were mid-nap and suddenly I understood the strange stares I got as I walked in... 2 hours early. After successfully waking up every sleeping child... except my own, I apologized sheepishly and told his teachers I'd see them Thursday... to which they reminded me today is Thursday.

I swear, I hadn't had a drop. But it's going to be difficult convincing others.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Because I have no ambition to write...

Monday, July 20, 2009

What Happens In NYC.....

... is forever documented in 427 pictures.

So, I suppose I'll just tell the story of Bev and Mala's NYC getaway with pictures. Deal?

Fabulous time, of course. So I'll skip all the boring, mushy poo about how awesome it was and how much fun I have raising hell traveling with the Bev. It's a given.

The drive to NYC was incredibly fast and easy, making Bev and I wonder why we haven't done this a thousand times before. We were in our room in Times Square, 40th floor, enjoying a bottle of vino by 3pm.
A mere 3 1/2 hours later, we made our way to the hotel lobby bar to meet fellow blogger, Porkstar.

We chatted, we laughed, and after Porkchop spilled Bev's glass of wine we realized we were super hungry, we bid him farewell and headed forth to find us a good plate of Shepard's Pie. We were not disappointed.

Then we were in bed by 8:30pm went back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.

This is us having breakfast, in a lawn chair, in Times Square. That rawks!

No trip anywhere is complete for bev and me until we hit a wax museum. It is the only way we can secure photographic memories with celebs.
Oprah! That bitch is always borrowing money!

I've been replaced as Bev's BFF by Baa-baa!

It would be a fabulous show, "Brad Minus Seven".

Don't we make Ty-Ty look like a pig? I thought so.

Seriously Gorbie, grape jam? I can't take you anywhere!

Who the hell is this broad! She's boring. I think I'll mock her. What? She's not a wax figure??? Opps, my bad.

I had to punch this poorly formed wax interpretation of Mick Jagger because it sucked so badly.

Cozy with the Clooney

Cozy-er with the Captain.

Stevie! Stevie! It's me!

Where did you think Britney learned all her moves??


Duet with The Killer

That explains the hair!

Clearly, we annoy Prince.

Amazingly we weren't asked to leave Madame Toussands, but oddly enough, it was this clever pose that made Bev stop and say, "No, no. You can't do that! It's inappropriate!
What? I was just trying to be helpful!
There's more pictures... but they really are inappropriate.

So after the wax debauchery, Bev and I went to the Broadway play, Mama Mia. I know what your thinking... where's the picture? Well, there are no pictures but I did find this image and let's just say, it sums it up.

We then met up with Bev's fabulous, young Meryl Streep look-a-like friend

and my ol' college pal Jason and his girlfriend..

and went to a wonderful little Italian resturant who made us wait, like 4 whole minutes for a table, so they apologized with complimentary "wine while you wait". Niiiccceeee....
The food was fabulous but apparently the owner was still feeling badly about making us wait, literally moments to be seated, that he also sent as a round of after dinner Amerretto followed by a massive chocolatey dessert.

Sunday, Bev and I ventured beyond the confines of Times Square and took a movie & TV sight seeing bus tour. After about an hour, we were certain that our tour guide only watches Spider Man and Gossip Girl. So as they stopped for a slice of greasey pizza, Bev and I bailed and took in a fabulous brunch at side walk table at a cute little French bistro... in apparently Little Italy, so only serving Italian fare. But it was all good.
With bellies full and the sun shining, Bev and I got out barings and decided to hoof it back to our hotel, a mere 50 blocks away.
At 26th Street we caught a cab.

Good times indeed. I will leave you with random pictures of Bev and I in Times Square.

And back to reality. Dinner on the ride home was far less satisfying.....

...and no "wine while you wait".