Monday, September 29, 2008


I guess we haven't completed our family yet. Yup, that's right. We're working on another international adoption!

We weren't planning on it but when we saw his picture online we just knew he belonged with us. It was love at first sight! So we contacted the agency immediately and they sent us the application.

This IA will be very different from our last;

Then: MONTHS of paper-chasing, notarizing, state certificates
Now: Quick online application

Then: State police clearance
Now: One quick call to our reference

Then: Sergie
Now: NO SERGIE!!!!!!

Then: Long Flights
Now: Oh, yeah, still a long flight.

Then: Cute and cuddly little boy
Now: Cute and cuddly little boy.... with fur.

And here's the referral picture that started it all

His name is Benji and he's an 8-month old Sato (Puerto Rican slang for Street/Stray Dogs and pronounced "saw-toe")who has had a rough start to life on the streets of Puerto Rico. Before being rescued, he had already suffered a broken leg, and who knows what other forms of abuse, but his current foster home reports that he's a happy go lucky dog who loves everyone! We didn't set out to find a dog a few thousand miles away, but we knew as soon as we saw his picture that he was 'the one'. And they say lightning doesn't strike twice?!

So in less than 2 weeks, the wonderful people who saved Benji from a hopeless life will put him upon a freight plane (who is so generously donated their services to fly these dogs for free) and he'll make the long journey to his new home where 2 little kids eagerly await his arrival!

To check out Second Chance Sato Rescue click here

Thursday, September 25, 2008

yeah. what she said.

Yes, I know I haven't written in like a month or something. I know, I know, total loser.
Well, in an effort to not raise my current standing as president of Slackerville, today's blog is stolen. Yup, as in, not even written by me. I'm not even taking the time to cut and paste it. Nope, just gonna be totally slackerific and steal my dear friend Bev's blog entry. Oh wait, hey Bev can I just simply steal your blog today and put it on my blog? I'll take your silence as a 'yes'.
So without further ado, or effort, click here for today's blog entry.

That was easy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running with the Pack

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, and Aunt Di and I took great advantage of it by taking Dee and Storm on a fox hunt with the Pascataqua Hounds Hunt Club.
For those unfamiliar with the American Fox Hunting, we do not use real foxes. Instead a lovely lady set out early on her mountain bike laying down a scent for the hounds to follow. No cute and cuddly foxes attended the event at all, unless you count Di and I.
This was Storm's first fox hunt and I'm happy to report that he did amazing. Not only was he unfazed by the commotion of the hounds, he got to cross water for the first time (remember Storm was an Amish horse and was never used for off-roading). No sooner had he figured out this 'getting my feet wet' business, we had to ride up a rapid stream due to recent flooding in our area. He was such a good boy! And then of course there was the full speed galloping across fields and forest after the hot-on-the-trail hounds. Again, Storm is used to leisurely trotting down the highway bringing the family to and from church in the wagon. He managed to try to stay up with the pack at an amazingly fast trot (trust me, you just can't post to that!) for the first several miles and then, finally, broke into a canter!!!! Yay! Our first canter!!! And for all my horsey friends out there; OMG! His canter is beautiful! Huge! VERY comfortable!
At the half way point we stopped for the stirrup cup, which means a quick break and a rather large cup of brandy. Luckily, I spilled most of my brandy down my jacket. Yeah, I just ooze class, don't I?
12 miles later we arrived back to the starting field. I think Storm and Dee were beaming with pride at their accomplishments. They both did such a great job.
Now that's my kind of Wednesday morning!

Monday, September 8, 2008

While we were sipping champagne...

Our kids were living out their speed demon fantasies!

Yup, that's my two playing sidekick(s) to one of the race car drivers at Lee Speedway!
Grammy and Bumpa took them to the car races and the lucky little rugrats got to take a spin around the track in one of the race cars. Morgan has reported back that although it was fun, he didn't drive fast enough. Sigh. She's never getting her license.

Then to top off the excitement they brought Bumpa's Mustang to a car show where he won first place. Beck and Morgan got their pictures taken for the local newspaper holding his trophy. I think next time they shoud at least help Bumpa wax the car!

Can this be the same boy who was scared to death at the mere thought of getting into a car????

A Day (NOT) In My Life

Yesterday Joe and I were invited by Fidelity Investments to the annual Fidelity Jumper Classic. As if it wasn't just fantabulous enough to get to see riders fresh from the 2008 Olympics and their gravity defying horses, we got the VIP treatment.
The hosting farm was breath-taking! White fences and green fields. The place oozed money and I felt a bit out of place, what with no fancy hat large enough to pick up CNN. It was all I could do to sustain from my Julia Roberts- a la Pretty Woman - Arsenio Hall 'woof woof woof' call.
While others hunted out a patch of grass under the blazing sun in hopes of getting a semi-decent view of the jump course, we were seated in a tent, at a table, ringside. As we enjoyed watching these incredible athletes compete for a $75,000 prize, the wine, champagne and food flowed freely. In between classes we were invited out onto the course where we were walked through the jump sequence by an Olympic rider who described to us the challenges of each fence and the strategies the riders would use. And then it was back to our comfy table for cheese cake, more wine and more free gifts.
Seriously, I could get used to this.

Our table awaits us.

The view from our seats.

Getting an in-depth tour of the course

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Aidai!!!!

One of Beck's friends from Tokmok celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday. Actually, I'm unsure if she actually got to 'celebrate' as birthdays probably pass without notice at the orphanage, but there were many people thinking about her and her parents yesterday, knowing it would be her last birthday that passed without celebration, her last birthday without her Mommy and Daddy. We can not wait for her to come home! Happy Birthday Aidai!!!

1 year Home

Yesterday marked 1 year of being a family of four! Soooo much has changed. Beck has grown so much. We spent the day (OK actually the past TWO days) at the Hopkinton Fair, petting animals (Beck could spend all day with the goats in the peting zoo!), riding rides and eating all sorts of unhealthy goodies (Deep Froed Pickles, anyone?) Last night I took the kids to the demotion derby. Beck was SO excited. All day he asked "smashing cars???". He was down right giddy watching the cars demolish eachother. He was always rooting for the yellow car. Good times.
Bungee Brats

Hangin' with the goats

Why do I have a feeling this will be on Beck's Christmas wish list this year....

My new camera saves the day.

I thought just the act of purchasing a new camera would make my old camera magically reappear. So I left it unopened on the kitchen table, like bait. But nothing. So Friday I was competing at the state fair in a $250 jackpot barrel racing competition and last second I grabbed the box off the table and brought it with me. There was a delay between classes so I decided I'd actually open the box and break out the new camera and ask my Aunt to video my run. Dee and had a great run, not our fastest by any means, but technically perfect. As the rest of the competitors ran I was called to the show office. This is never good. I was then told by a show official that the judge was disqualifying me for going off course, meaning I went around the last barrel in the wrong direction. For those who are not familiar with barrel racing it's done in a clover leaf pattern around 3 barrels; right turn, left turn, left turn. I've been barrel racing for 20 years, it's not brain surgery. Besides, if you told me to do it backwards I can't, it's totally unnatural, like mistakenly writing perfectly with the wrong hand - impossible. I can't do it. I assured the show official of this fact. I, in no way shape or form, went off course. She stood her ground that the judge saw me go around the wrong way. "really?" I said, "I have it on video." As I held up my camera. Ahhhh, the look on her face was priceless. The show officials all hovered around and watch the video, which clearing showed a perfect pattern, TWICE before they decided to 'not disqualify me'. I just took my prize money and smiled, thankyouverymuch. You gotta love when those little Arabians come in and kick the hyped-up gymkhana quarter horses' ass!

Oh, by the way, When I arrived home, the kids found my old camera.