Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day (NOT) In My Life

Yesterday Joe and I were invited by Fidelity Investments to the annual Fidelity Jumper Classic. As if it wasn't just fantabulous enough to get to see riders fresh from the 2008 Olympics and their gravity defying horses, we got the VIP treatment.
The hosting farm was breath-taking! White fences and green fields. The place oozed money and I felt a bit out of place, what with no fancy hat large enough to pick up CNN. It was all I could do to sustain from my Julia Roberts- a la Pretty Woman - Arsenio Hall 'woof woof woof' call.
While others hunted out a patch of grass under the blazing sun in hopes of getting a semi-decent view of the jump course, we were seated in a tent, at a table, ringside. As we enjoyed watching these incredible athletes compete for a $75,000 prize, the wine, champagne and food flowed freely. In between classes we were invited out onto the course where we were walked through the jump sequence by an Olympic rider who described to us the challenges of each fence and the strategies the riders would use. And then it was back to our comfy table for cheese cake, more wine and more free gifts.
Seriously, I could get used to this.

Our table awaits us.

The view from our seats.

Getting an in-depth tour of the course


Hilary Marquis said...

I think they should've let you ride! But, with the wine and champagne maybe that would'nt be a good idea ;)

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Sounds like an awesome opportunity! Did you wear a hat at all? We need outfit pictures!