Monday, September 8, 2008

While we were sipping champagne...

Our kids were living out their speed demon fantasies!

Yup, that's my two playing sidekick(s) to one of the race car drivers at Lee Speedway!
Grammy and Bumpa took them to the car races and the lucky little rugrats got to take a spin around the track in one of the race cars. Morgan has reported back that although it was fun, he didn't drive fast enough. Sigh. She's never getting her license.

Then to top off the excitement they brought Bumpa's Mustang to a car show where he won first place. Beck and Morgan got their pictures taken for the local newspaper holding his trophy. I think next time they shoud at least help Bumpa wax the car!

Can this be the same boy who was scared to death at the mere thought of getting into a car????


Hilary Marquis said...

Da Machina is now GOOD :)

janiece said...

That is so totally cool! My big kid (aka hubby) would havebeen the biggest pig in the puddle with that. Cars--particularly race car--are his real true love. I come up second! I think Julia, Rauan, and maybe Alihan are following his love of race cars too.
Morgan and Beck have some awesome shades--future so bright they have to wear shades!