Thursday, September 25, 2008

yeah. what she said.

Yes, I know I haven't written in like a month or something. I know, I know, total loser.
Well, in an effort to not raise my current standing as president of Slackerville, today's blog is stolen. Yup, as in, not even written by me. I'm not even taking the time to cut and paste it. Nope, just gonna be totally slackerific and steal my dear friend Bev's blog entry. Oh wait, hey Bev can I just simply steal your blog today and put it on my blog? I'll take your silence as a 'yes'.
So without further ado, or effort, click here for today's blog entry.

That was easy.

1 comment:

Bev said...

Great blog, Mala! Truly some of your best work. LMAO! Just kidding!

What an awesome night! :)