Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello my sugar-coated webby pals. I hope you all had a great Halloweeny weekend. I know I did!
On Saturday night, we joined the LaBevs and Team E+M for some adult Halloween festivities at a local restaurant.

I forced convinced Joe to go as Billy The Exterminator, and I think he pulled it off well. OK, maybe a little too well. He made it only 3 feet through the front door before the first group of women insisted on a picture with him. That trend continued all night. Joe is now regretting his life choices and wishes he had decided to be a greasy bug-killer rather than going to grad school. Live and learn.

Drac and his Babelicious Elvira

By Sunday afternoon, we had recovered (ish) enough to take the kidlets out for for some good ol' candy hunting.

Beck the Transformer and Morgan the Midnight Fairy

Yes, those wings really do work

Is there anything better than attaching a plastic mask to your face with a rubber band?

So how was your weekend? Who rocked the costume fun?