Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pa-Ka Kazakhstan

We are scheduled to fly out bright and early tomorrow morning (Friday) arriving in Boston at 5:00pm! Please send positive vibes that Beck will handle the next 23 hours of traveling well.
I can not wait to come home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sorry, I really couldn't think of a nice title for today's blog.
We had our final embassy appointment today, and despite asking our coordinator repeatedly if we needed anything else for the appointment and specifically asking if we need copies of my husband's travel visas from our first trip, which I was told emphatically "NO", we were told just before leaving for the embassy that because I didn't have this paper that I would stay another week in Kazahkstan to sort out this problem. Well, suffice it to say that my coordinator, as well as all guests in the lobby, quickly discovered how I felt about that plan. There is no way in Hell I'm staying a minute longer than planned, especially over something I had ASKED SPECIFICALLY if I needed. I then got on the phone with the embassy and while on the phone I heard my coordinator say to Tim in a hush tone that they would now leave for the embassy without me. OH NO YOU'RE NOT!!!!! I don't think I was too pleasant when I explained that in no way was he leaving me behind! He reluctantly agreed to allow me to come (Sorry, but if I had to be dragged, holding onto the bumper, I was going to the embassy and speaking to an American official.)
Ironically enough, when we arrived at the embassy we were given an "adoption survey", I said to my coordinator, 'you sure you want me to fill this in?' Oh and fill it in I did! Luckily, the gentleman at the embassy truly wanted to help me, so we called my husband and woke him up and sent him on a mission to fax over the documents.
Meanwhile our coordinator told Tim that he did his job and this mess was our problem and went spiltsville. Yup! Left us there to deal with the fall out! Nice! Oh wait, before he left he did try to hussle us for some more cash. Kuddos for Tim for saying enough was enough.
After a panicked day, and Joe trying to fax to the embassy's non-functioning fax line, we managed to get our visas just as the lights were being turned off and the embassy closing until September 5th or 6th.
yeah, that sucked.


We've been unable to get online and now that I'm finally online, my battery is dying! So this will be short.
Left Kyrgyzstan on Monday for the trip from Hell to Almaty, Kazahkstan. 7 hours, most of which was spent at the border with people screaming, a car ramming into our car, hot and sticky... with an over tired 2 year old... I think you got the picture.
We had our medical appointment yesterday that went well. Today we have our last embassy appointment, please send positive vibes that it will all go smoothly. Then we're free to leave... EXCEPT there's no planes going out. So we're stuck here until Friday. I can not wait to touch US soil again. It's time for this trip to be over and bring home Beck!

By the way, Beck is doing well. He's already moved into the "testing Mama" stage, who knew that would start so quickly. But other than the random tantrum (and who can blame him, I'm ready to have a few myself) his english comprehension is mind blowing. Russian-speaking people are shocked at how much he understands in English. In fact, he becomes uneasy when someone speaks to him in Russian.
Battery dying, gotta run

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday, Lazy Day

Again, it's the weekend so we had nada on the to do list. So we went to the 'downtown' and walked around. We came across the amusement park and although we didn't venture on any rides I'm happy to report it's in better shape than the Tokmok 'Thrill' Park... but just a little. We then had Pizza had headed back to the hotel for some much needed naps. Did I mention Beck had his first French Fries and Pizza! Two Thumbs up!
In other news, Beck's vocabulary is growing. He now says Apple, Banana, Ear, Nose, Please and his understanding of other words are tremendous. I never imagined he would pick up this much language skills so quickly. I can simply tell him phrases like "go get dressed" "Go get your shoes on" "Go to the Potty" "Give this to Grammy" (Man, I sound bossy), and he does it. I'm amazed. He really enjoys praise and does as much as he can to get it. He is one smart kid!
Tomorrow we have another embassy appointment and then it's the big drive to Almaty, Kazakhstan... 5+ hours in the car!
I should also mention that I've been writing these posts quickly. Please excuse the numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A little shopping

Since today is Saturday we have no business to take care of so we ate breakfast and walked to the Beta which in a big mall, very modern and you'd almost think you were back in the US. Beck had a blast! There was loud music playing so he took the opportunity to dance in the huge atrium. Needless to say he has really come out of his shell. I know a few of you who read this have actually met him, but I will tell you, you would never believe this is the same little boy. He looks at everythihng, he points out things (his favorite appearantly are 'white machinas' (white cars), he sings, he dances, he is loving life! Last night he heard a car horn and yelled "HI!". He LOVED shopping, especially when he spotted a toy store... where he immediately picked out a white machina.
Unbelievably he seems to really understand me. Every time I ask him to do something he quickly figures it out. He is catching on incredibly quickly.
We had a successful bath this morning after the hotel supplied a baby bath. He didn't think too much of the shower.
Last night we had our first US embassy appointment which was a breeze. Cross your fingers that all other appointments go so well.
In other news we are all booked on our flight to come home to Boston on Friday August 31st at 5:00pm! Which is exciting enough, but more so since yesterday the flight was booked and my Mom hadn't gotten a seat! I just got called again and a seat had opened up, Thank GOD!
Well the Beck-ster and I are heading to the pool now. Miss you all!

Friday, August 24, 2007

And now for some pictures

Beck waves "Pa-Ka" to his friends while being carried by Grammy.

I know I promised a proper "Gotcha" post but c'mon I know ya'll really want to see some pictures!
Beck is doing great. He slept very well last night. He loves to eat! And we took a trip to the Zum today for some shopping. He was wowed by all the cars and people, and he was chatting away, using lots of words. He's also been calling me "Mama". What a feeling.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


This is going to be a quick note. WE HAVE BECK!!!!! I will write a proper post soon but just wanted to let everyone know that he is doing great, had a wonderful dinner last night and slept like a rock until 7:30am. He's already starting to understand what some of what I'm saying in English. I promise more later!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We have landed

We arrived in Almaty, Kazahkstan at 5:00am this morning, went through customs, found out our driver never showed, found a taxi and 7 long hours later we arrived in Bishkek. We spent most of today unpacking and catching up on some sleep. We got word that our coordinator will meet us tomorrow and we'll hopefully go and pick up the kids tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to Amsterdam

My Mother and I have arrived in Amsterdam. I extremely happy that our first leg of our trip went very well (read: no sleeping on a terminal floor or sitting on a tarmac for hours!). We fell asleep immediately after dinner and never woke until we arrived in Amsterdam. That's my kind of flying.
We will have a lay over here for 7 hours and then fly to Almaty.
Thank you everyone for all your kind and encouraging words!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


With the help of other families who have adopted from Tokmok, I was able to make this special gift for the orphanage director. It was clear to me that this woman cares for these children very much. In particular, I could see a special bond between her and Beck. On our first visit she and I walked to Beck's house, she was telling me how happy she was that we had bonded so well and then added, "I am so happy for him, but I'm trying not to cry". It was obvious that she holds a special place in her heart for him, and the feeling is mutual as he ran to her and buried his face in her white jacket. I am thankful to her, she has raised my little guy since he was a baby and in many ways, he'll always belong to her as well.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Still packing

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart."
- Helen Keller

I knew, or at least deeply hoped, this day would be here. My countdown clock now reads 1 day and 20-something hours before I board a plan to travel and reunite with Beck. I truly feel as though I am standing on the edge of the beginning of our new lives, our new family. It is incredible and overwhelming and amazing. There were times in the process that everything felt painfully slow, I had doubts we'd ever get here. But for those who are still in the process, waiting for your turn to see your countdown clock hit "0", it will happen, and no matter how long you've been waiting, it will still take your breathe away.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Kellerman's Bound?

Did you notice that cool little count down clock right there to the left? Yup, that's right, we have travel dates! We are slated to fly out on Monday, August 20th and arrive in Bishkek August 22nd. No word when I'll get to pick up that handsome little man, but it'll be between then and the 29th when we trek to Almaty, wrap up business and *hopefully* fly home September 1st. I emphasize *hopefully* since there are actually no seats available on any flights leaving Almaty until September 12th. So we're wait-listed for tickets right now.
I have to wonder why the mass end-of-summer exodus out of Kazahkstan??? Who knew it was such a vacation destination?! I'm starting to picture Kazahkstan like that lovely mountain resort featured in "Dirty Dancing", filled with arts and crafts, shuffleboard, and fox trot lessons. Hmmmmm, wonder if we'll be present for the end of season talent show? OK, OK, I suppose Kazahkstan is nothing at all like Kellerman's, but I'm still curious, where the heck is everyone going? Regardless, I'm very excited about traveling, but even more excited about bringing Beck home.