Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We have landed

We arrived in Almaty, Kazahkstan at 5:00am this morning, went through customs, found out our driver never showed, found a taxi and 7 long hours later we arrived in Bishkek. We spent most of today unpacking and catching up on some sleep. We got word that our coordinator will meet us tomorrow and we'll hopefully go and pick up the kids tomorrow afternoon!


Channing said...

So glad you arrived safe and sound!

Jackie said...

Yayyyy!!! Thanks for the update. Will check on you tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

JJ's Aunt here, glad to see that you made it to Bishkek. I bet when you see Beck he will have a big smile on his face. I am glad that your day has finally come and now you are there to enjoy the moment you have been waiting for.

Lynda said...

I cant wait to read more of your blog! I wanted to come over and give you a "gift" before you left to make more purchases for the kids over there. You'll have to host another "animal comunicator" party again and this time have people donate for the kids! Im sure many in the horse community would love to!

Cant wait to meet Beck!