Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sorry, I really couldn't think of a nice title for today's blog.
We had our final embassy appointment today, and despite asking our coordinator repeatedly if we needed anything else for the appointment and specifically asking if we need copies of my husband's travel visas from our first trip, which I was told emphatically "NO", we were told just before leaving for the embassy that because I didn't have this paper that I would stay another week in Kazahkstan to sort out this problem. Well, suffice it to say that my coordinator, as well as all guests in the lobby, quickly discovered how I felt about that plan. There is no way in Hell I'm staying a minute longer than planned, especially over something I had ASKED SPECIFICALLY if I needed. I then got on the phone with the embassy and while on the phone I heard my coordinator say to Tim in a hush tone that they would now leave for the embassy without me. OH NO YOU'RE NOT!!!!! I don't think I was too pleasant when I explained that in no way was he leaving me behind! He reluctantly agreed to allow me to come (Sorry, but if I had to be dragged, holding onto the bumper, I was going to the embassy and speaking to an American official.)
Ironically enough, when we arrived at the embassy we were given an "adoption survey", I said to my coordinator, 'you sure you want me to fill this in?' Oh and fill it in I did! Luckily, the gentleman at the embassy truly wanted to help me, so we called my husband and woke him up and sent him on a mission to fax over the documents.
Meanwhile our coordinator told Tim that he did his job and this mess was our problem and went spiltsville. Yup! Left us there to deal with the fall out! Nice! Oh wait, before he left he did try to hussle us for some more cash. Kuddos for Tim for saying enough was enough.
After a panicked day, and Joe trying to fax to the embassy's non-functioning fax line, we managed to get our visas just as the lights were being turned off and the embassy closing until September 5th or 6th.
yeah, that sucked.


Anonymous said...

Mala, I wish you a better day. SOrry to hear about all the troubles that went on for you in the last couple of days.. Hope that everything goes better for you soon.. Can't wait till you get on American soil as well.. I bet your husband is just dying to be with his new son.. Wishing you luck.. JJ's Aunt

Hilary Marquis said...

Wasn't he the one that said , "There are no problems in Kyrg, only money!"? Oh, wait he put in his 1hr of work, and had the cash in his pocket! I guess there was no point in being kind or responsible...he had the money. I'm thankful it all got sorted out in time, you sure had people here on their knees praying this morning. Several of my friends and famiy received emergency wake up calls. Hurry home.

Tina said...

Oh Mala...I just absolutely know how awful you must be feeling. You know, I can just picture all of this happening since we shared this same coordinator. I'm SO sorry.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'm so glad it worked out. I can't believe they thought you would have to stay another week! Incompetent people make me so mad!