Sunday, August 19, 2007


With the help of other families who have adopted from Tokmok, I was able to make this special gift for the orphanage director. It was clear to me that this woman cares for these children very much. In particular, I could see a special bond between her and Beck. On our first visit she and I walked to Beck's house, she was telling me how happy she was that we had bonded so well and then added, "I am so happy for him, but I'm trying not to cry". It was obvious that she holds a special place in her heart for him, and the feeling is mutual as he ran to her and buried his face in her white jacket. I am thankful to her, she has raised my little guy since he was a baby and in many ways, he'll always belong to her as well.


Jackie said...

It's beautiful, Mala!! Have a safe trip and I can't wait to read (and see) all about bringing Beck home!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mala, JJ's Aunt here.. I just wanted to say how precious the quilt is. You did a great job.. If i was the orphange director I would just adore the gift forever... Have a safe trip!

Hilary Marquis said...

You do great work!!! I am impressed. Tatiana is going to be so touched. You could deffinitely tell that she has a very special place in her heart for Beck. She is going to miss him dearly, but she knows how much you already love him.

tina said...

OH Mala, it is beautiful!!!

I'm thinking of you so much. Have a safe journey. Just think, no more longing or saying good bye to him. The future has come.


Laura Brugnoni said...

Dear Mala,
What a beautiful keepsake you have created --- thank you for including us as we, too, are so grateful to these women for taking care of our precious Amina until we came for her.
We are so happy for you and will keep you in our prayers for a safe journey that runs smoothly. If you see this either before or while you are there, please tell Tatiana that Amina's parents send their love and so does Amina!
A big hug,
The Brugnoni Family
Laura, Marc and Amina Bella

Susie Sunshine said...

All quilts are made with love, but this one is filled to the bursting point. She will love it.

Congratulations to you and to all the new families!

Hannah Paulina said...

Oh Mala! I love the quilt!!!! You did an amazing job! It will be such a memorable gift to the director!