Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday, Lazy Day

Again, it's the weekend so we had nada on the to do list. So we went to the 'downtown' and walked around. We came across the amusement park and although we didn't venture on any rides I'm happy to report it's in better shape than the Tokmok 'Thrill' Park... but just a little. We then had Pizza had headed back to the hotel for some much needed naps. Did I mention Beck had his first French Fries and Pizza! Two Thumbs up!
In other news, Beck's vocabulary is growing. He now says Apple, Banana, Ear, Nose, Please and his understanding of other words are tremendous. I never imagined he would pick up this much language skills so quickly. I can simply tell him phrases like "go get dressed" "Go get your shoes on" "Go to the Potty" "Give this to Grammy" (Man, I sound bossy), and he does it. I'm amazed. He really enjoys praise and does as much as he can to get it. He is one smart kid!
Tomorrow we have another embassy appointment and then it's the big drive to Almaty, Kazakhstan... 5+ hours in the car!
I should also mention that I've been writing these posts quickly. Please excuse the numerous spelling and grammatical errors.


Anonymous said...

JJ's Aunt here... You all seem to being doing well. Gkad to see that he is liking other foods. Just wait till you get home and he tries homemade american food.. he will love it... JJ will eat anything you give him.. He is one smart little boy.. Keep on doing what you are doing.. Have a good day...

Tina said...

I'm thinking of you all so much! He looks sooooooo happy!!! You're nearly done and you'll be home before you know it.