Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where's This Lady When My Truck Is Dirty?


Where The Heck Has Mala Been???

We have a new addition to the family!  After waiting 40 years to buy her next horse, my aunt Di and I went horse shopping last week.  For the first time ever, I didn't buy the first horse we saw... nope, we bought the 6th one. 
Interesting day checking out the horses on the back stretch of Suffolks Down and I think we brought home something very special...

Meet "Wrong Street", aka Taz
Stunning isn't he?
So I've been a wee-bit pre-occupied with getting this guy settled in.  He'll need some time to figure out how to be a horse away from life on the race track and then we can begin the process of re-training him into, hopefully, a nice hunter jumper.
I'll keep you updated on his progress.
In the meantime, look who's riding...
Dare I say Morgan has the riding bug????  She has now claimed Mr. Dee as "her horse".  Which, oddly enough, leaves me horse-less... again.

Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Years Come and Gone

August is National Lazy Ass Blogger month. You didn't know? Well it is. And I'm the crowned princess of lazy ass blogging this month. So there. But I promise, I'm making up for it next month. You'll see.

Anyhoo, today is Joe and I's (or is it 'Joe and my'? Joe and Mine? Me's and Joe's... ack, whatever, you know what I mean! Just flippin' be happy I showed up today, alright!) 10th wedding anniversary. And holding fast to my lazy ass blogger crown, I'll tell this story in pictures. deal.

Such a handsome group of guys, eh?

You know it wouldn't be my wedding without the horses there! At the end of the ceremony everyone clapped and the horses took off at a gallop. People asked me how I trained them to do that. Ha!

I was going to ride Mr. Dee down the aisle but hey, I've seen America's Funniest Videos enough times to know nothing good will come of that. So I settled for a picture with him. I sent this shot to a friend who displayed it at her barn and after staring at the photo for a bit, one of her little riding students declared she too wanted to marry a horse!

We released butterflies during the ceremony. Here's a shot of my Mother trying to save one who hadn't read the script that he was supposed to gracefully flutter away.

Can you believe this little toddling flower girl is no other than Courtney. She had just turned a year old weeks earlier and only figured out the whole 'walking thing' literally one week before the wedding. whew! She did a fabulous job even though she got a little distracted and started to high-tail off course. kids!

Yeah, that's why I married him.

And now that Courtney had a full 7 days of walking upright under her elastic-band waistband, she dared to swipe fellow flower girl Courtney's basket o' flowers and managed a speedy getaway.

And it wouldn't be my wedding without a little flesh flashin'!

So there you have it. And they said it wouldn't last... Oh wait, I think I said that. Shit, I owe Joe $20 bucks!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Foto Flashin' Friday

Morgan meets Aerosmith frontman, Steve TylerAnd they have a moment.

Beck of the Bubbles

Times Square... feels like I was just here.

Joe & Beck at the site of the World Trade Towers

Must be this tall to ride this attraction

Atlas statue that used to sit in the World Trade Center plaza, found months later under all the debris

Bushkill Falls

Feeding the Canadian Geese (AKA pissing off the locals)

Tubing with Bev

Chillin': Bev and Mala style

There you go. The laziest post ever.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dude Looks Like (an Old) Lady!

Vacation was fabulous... blah, blah, blah. I'll get to that all later. But first I just saw something that has scared me and scarred me! You may want to turn away... but I know you won't.

ARGH! Sweet Jesus on a Pogo Stick!!! What the hell is that!? First I thought that old bitty has got to be Madonna's mother... or grandmother.
You see the resemblance, right?

But then to my extreme shock and horror, I discover this old broad flashin' some cleav is allegedly.....(gulp)....... Steven Tyler!


Seriously, he hurt his did that result in him becoming an old shriveled handbag wearing Nicole Richie's sunglasses!

So I refused to believe it was him. I mean, I love me some Aerosmith, and although Steven Tyler is no Joe Perry, I've never thought he looked like an elderly lady/Capuchin Monkey hybrid!

But of course with this image haunting and tormenting my brain, I had to delve deeper into this mystery.
Unfortunately, I found this:

ARGHGHGYGHGYG!!!!! Cripes sake! It IS Steven Tyler!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

So for all of you bloggers who have been lamenting your fading youth.... there you go. Feel better?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Next Stop on the Fun Tour

Morgan (and Mommy and Daddy) survived summer camp! I picked her up Friday morning and all appeared to be joyful and camp-a-rific. Morgan reported that she was homesick three times but that she had a great time. However, she hasn't committed to returning next year. So we'll see.

And what better way to celebrate our first born's return then with a lobstah fest with the Bev and Jim clan.

You boys look deeee-lish!
Speaking of which, Jim came dressed to the hilt...

And of course, I then felt super under-dressed since I had just finished mowing the lawn and looking all sweaty and hawt. But that didn't dissuade Bev one bit...

But no worries, I got her under control with a good old fashion headlock.

Molestation done and over with, it was time to round up our crustacean main courses, and treat them to a dip in the hot tub.

Tomorrow, Joe and I pack up the kids and head to the Poconos for vacation. Why the Poconos, you ask... well, a few months ago Joe was bitching that I never plan the vacations

asked me to plan our summer vacation. Since we have vacationed in the same spot in Maine for the past few years I decided we needed to try something new. Being the frugal chick I am, I decided to look into renting someones unwanted timeshare. After perusing the ads online I thought Atlantic City looked fun, so I sent a gazillion e-mails and offered cash for the use of a nice comfy timeshare. I guess I may have got a little too caught up in the research and offers, because I finally made a deal on a sweet 3 bedroom with a loft for really short money... and then when I asked which resort in Atlantic City, the owner replied, "Atlantic City? This is in the Poconos."
"What? Where the hell is the Poconos?"
"Oh. O.K."

So we're going to PA. apparently.

I'll be bringing my laptop... however, my long suffering computer always seems to get the trots every time I dare bring it anywhere. So don't hold your breath that I'll make it online... for the entire week. Ugh. I'm starting to sweat and shake already.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Had a fabulous time last night at the McCartney concert, but be warned, if I had a battery life indicator it would look like this:
So please bear with me if this post is flat, uninspired and strewn with grammatical errors... you know, like all my other posts.

Anyhoo, traffic in Boston was just freakin' fabulous as always and after touring the gawd-awful cow paths they call streets, we finally parked and made our way to the private club that we were invited to for dinner.
However, once at the door the Door Dude acknowledged we were on the list but couldn't let us in, something about too many people and fire codes... blah, blah, blah. Just then we heard the opening band fire up, a mere 2 hours before what we thought was the start of the concert. WTF?
Racked with hunger pangs, Bev and I decided to for-go the complimentary dinner and drinks in order to see MGMT. Unfortunately, that required the world's longest elevator ride, in which we somehow missed the one song I really wanted to hear performed. Fabulous.

After circling Fenway Park we finally found our seats. MGMT continued to play as Bev and I twitched and cringed at the tinny, high frequency noise that was being blasted at us from the stage. In order to save what was left of our hearing, we retreated to seek food and beverages. Now regretting the free dinner we passed up, and Joe was certainly enjoying, I got in line for greasy sausage and chicken fingers while Bev hunted down some beer. With refreshments in hand, we headed back to our seats to assault our ears further.
But before we made it back, I took a stumble on the steps and watched as my $8.50 sausage sandwich flew in slow motion out of my hands, landing and rolling across, what I'm sure is an impeccably clean, Fenway steps. As an usher came to show us our seats again, I scrambled to gather the pieces of my fallen sausage. DUDE! I was really freakin' hungry. AND IT WAS $8.50!!!

Back at our seats, all sweaty and frustrated, I wiped the dirt and grime off my dinner we enjoyed our classic ballpark fare, just as MGMT wrapped up. Great.

Meanwhile, Joe was inside the nice air conditioned club, enjoying steak tips and Martini's aplenty. Fabulous.

So Bev and I entertained ourselves the way we always do.... by taken numerous self portraits and giggling uncontrollably.

Finally, Sir Paul himself showed up and ROCKED the Hizzouse! Fabulous show! Really, what more can I say.

After the show we harassed some poor, annoyed, teenager at Dunkin' Donuts, filled our nasty food trifecta with some unpleasant BK Sliders and called it a night.
Good times.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Humiliate Your Dog Day

The other day, after having shear success buzzing Beck's head, I decided to give the dog a refreshing trim.

After what seemed like hours of sheering, I decided to leave from the knee down, un-shaved. The finished result looked a lot like this:

And let's just say, he wasn't too happy when I tried to take a picture.

Of course, I have the same reaction when anyone tries to take my picture from behind. Heh.

But before he could feel too badly about such mistreatment, I showed him this!
and all was forgiven.

Oh no! Does Samsmama have a dog?!


No need to worry! I'm still alive and kickin', just totally neglecting my blog-digity responsibilities. What? You didn't even notice my absence? *sniff sniff* Oh, ok.

Now that summer is finally here, we jam-packed all sorts of summertime shenanigans into last week.

Since we haven't seen the sun since the Bush administration, Bev and I packed up the families and schlepped to the beach where we cooked burgers and hotdogs and then plunked our behinds on some beach chairs and baked our skin to a well-done crisp.

Good times as always with the B&J clan.

The following day, my Dad took me and the kids to the nawth country to visit Santa's Village. Ahhhhhh, nothing like a hot day full of Christmas carols.

We had a fabulous day and the kids insisted on sitting on all sorts of things and having their pictures taken.
Sitting on reindeer
Sitting on a really large snowman with legs.

Sitting on a bull.

Sitting on lambs. OK, I drew the line when they sat on Baby Jesus.

And then apparently the folks at Santa's Village seemed to run out of ideas for Christmas themed statues....
Sitting on a freakishly large bunny... what the hell does that have to do with Christmas?

Ummmm, sitting on antlered dinosaur. What the???..... OK, let's move on.

I got a glimpse of the future when Morgan and Courtney took off on the Tin Lizzys.
"So can I call you sometime?"
"Morgan! Be home by 7pm!... Hey! That better mean I'm #1!!!!!!"
They grow up so quickly....

Saturday I dropped off Morgan at Girl Scout camp. It's her first time at a sleep over camp and she'll be gone for an entire week! I'm sure she'll handle it fine, but Joe and I on the other hand.....
When it was time for me to leave, she was already deep into a project. As I said good bye no less than 20 times, she couldn't be bothered to even look up and wave.
I made it a full day and a half before I called the camp to check on her. They reported she's been having a great time and participating in all the projects. However, this morning her unit had a cookout breakfast and she got a bit homesick for about a half hour but the counselors made her wash all the dishes redirected her and she was fine.
I'll try not to check in again, but I can't make any promises.