Friday, August 21, 2009

Foto Flashin' Friday

Morgan meets Aerosmith frontman, Steve TylerAnd they have a moment.

Beck of the Bubbles

Times Square... feels like I was just here.

Joe & Beck at the site of the World Trade Towers

Must be this tall to ride this attraction

Atlas statue that used to sit in the World Trade Center plaza, found months later under all the debris

Bushkill Falls

Feeding the Canadian Geese (AKA pissing off the locals)

Tubing with Bev

Chillin': Bev and Mala style

There you go. The laziest post ever.


Bev said...

Love it!

Ok, it's time to sneak into Joe's closet and BURN that orange shirt. What the damn? He has been wearing that thing ALL SUMMER LONG!

Also, it looks like we're watching The Wiggles on TV in that last shot, but I do see Spicoli on screen so I guess we were watching Fast Times. HA!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, you were in NYC and didn't call me? For shame!

Organic Meatbag said...

Laziest post ever? Hell, it take time to post all of those pictures! Kudos to you...hehehe,...

Harmony said...

Man you are spotting Steve Tyler eve.ry.where! Are you stalking him?

Great pictures..fabulous post!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

How long have I been hanging out here, and I just NOW picked up on the pressing Kyrgyzstan news there on the side bar?


calicobebop said...

The tubing picture is AWESOME! I'm so jealous!

onebadmamajama said...

Looks like a pretty awesome post to me. It looks like a good time was had by all:)

Samsmama said...

LOVE the bubbles picture! Great batch of pictures, and not at all lazy. I HATE uploading pictures.

Tell me if I'm right: your legs on the left, Bev's on the right. Right?

janiece said...

OMG--looks like a blast! And I love the pictures. Hiking, tubing, NYC--that's the life! And bubbles for Beck.

Cary said...

Hey, great post! I especially liked the....


::: sniff, sniff :::

Did something die in here?

::: sniff sniff sniff :::

Oh jesus, it's those FEET. Damn. They have this new thing you should try, girls. Perhaps you've heard of it. Soap? Works great on feet.

Junst snayin'

(sorry, holding my nose)

Mala said...

Bev, I thought about burning that shirt the minute he brought it home from the store. Ack.
And good call about switching the TV channel from Spice to Nick Jr before taking that picture, eh?

Brooklyn - Yes. I know. But we were only there for the day and I couldn't shake the 3 clingons...

OM- Actually, I don't know if this is a new feature or I've just been horribly unobservant (who me?) but you can download 5 pictures at a time. Woo-Hoo! But thank you anyway.

Harmony - I should write an entire post about my MANY near misses with Steven Tyler. He's from this neck of the woods, donchaknow. And every time I have Aerosmith tickets, they cancel. My Aerosmith lovin' friend no longer invites me to the shows, she's afraid the next time I buy tickets they'll die in a plane crash or something.
Long story short - still have never seen 'em. And after that last picture, I don't think I'm missing anything.

Mjenks - well with all the cleav flashed around here, who can blame you for not noticing anything else.

Calicobop - Open invitation, girlfriend! And let me tell you, my underarms are totally black and blue! Always a sign of a good time!

OBMJ - Same goes for you. Always an open door!

Samsmama - I'm impressed! BINGO! How did you know???

Janiece - yes, throw in some wine, and you're right, that IS the life!

Cary - Silly boy, that's the monkey!!!! Sheesh. Now get over here and rub Mama's feet!

PorkStar said...

The title of the post said something about Flashing and I did not see nuffin' flashing... hmm, you meant ya'llz feet? Well at least that's some skin. : )

Nice pics bad girl.

Bev said...

Samsmama, you can always tell that they're my feet/legs because no matter how "tan" I get (sadly... that is tan for me), they're always 1000 shades lighter than Mala's.