Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Years Come and Gone

August is National Lazy Ass Blogger month. You didn't know? Well it is. And I'm the crowned princess of lazy ass blogging this month. So there. But I promise, I'm making up for it next month. You'll see.

Anyhoo, today is Joe and I's (or is it 'Joe and my'? Joe and Mine? Me's and Joe's... ack, whatever, you know what I mean! Just flippin' be happy I showed up today, alright!) 10th wedding anniversary. And holding fast to my lazy ass blogger crown, I'll tell this story in pictures. deal.

Such a handsome group of guys, eh?

You know it wouldn't be my wedding without the horses there! At the end of the ceremony everyone clapped and the horses took off at a gallop. People asked me how I trained them to do that. Ha!

I was going to ride Mr. Dee down the aisle but hey, I've seen America's Funniest Videos enough times to know nothing good will come of that. So I settled for a picture with him. I sent this shot to a friend who displayed it at her barn and after staring at the photo for a bit, one of her little riding students declared she too wanted to marry a horse!

We released butterflies during the ceremony. Here's a shot of my Mother trying to save one who hadn't read the script that he was supposed to gracefully flutter away.

Can you believe this little toddling flower girl is no other than Courtney. She had just turned a year old weeks earlier and only figured out the whole 'walking thing' literally one week before the wedding. whew! She did a fabulous job even though she got a little distracted and started to high-tail off course. kids!

Yeah, that's why I married him.

And now that Courtney had a full 7 days of walking upright under her elastic-band waistband, she dared to swipe fellow flower girl Courtney's basket o' flowers and managed a speedy getaway.

And it wouldn't be my wedding without a little flesh flashin'!

So there you have it. And they said it wouldn't last... Oh wait, I think I said that. Shit, I owe Joe $20 bucks!


Samsmama said...

Congratulations! Such great pictures, I'm very jealous! Loved the story about the little girl wanting to marry a horse. It's hard for me to look at that picture and not laugh now.

Enjoy your anniversary!

Lori said...

Marry a horse. Hilarious. And done in some countries, apparently.
Anyway,since you asked, it's "Joe's and my" 10th anniversary. I'd go into the logistics for you about how you could figure it out if you remove one of the subjects (for instance, Joe) and simply said, "my" or remove "my" and then it would be Joe's but I know you don't care and I wouldn't want to bore you with the details.

But like I said, since you asked...

And seriously, congratulations! The infamous 'they' also said it wouldn't last at my wedding...nearly 13 years ago. And yes, sadly, I may have been a member of the 'they' party. ;0)

Bev said...

Great pictures! That was a fun wedding, even though my butterfly was dead... um, I mean sluggish....

I think he did recover and wobble/fly off at some point!!

Congrats on 10 years!!

Jackie said...

Congratulations here, too!!!

Samsmama said...

I wanna know who's here from Vero Beach, FL. That's one of the few places I was aware of when I lived there. That is all.

The Daily Wit said...

Congrats on 10 years! This year was my tenth year as well.

11 is proving to be a bitch. I'm just kidding.

Mala said...

Samsmama - Sometimes I think it would have been wiser to marry a horse rather than an ass! I kid! I kid!!!!! kinda. No really, he's wonderful.... and Joe's pretty good too.
By the way, valiant effort on your part to reach #1 commentor. Go you! But how did Bev actually LOSE points???

Lori - Thank you for the mini English lesson. For reals, I used to be an excellent student in all my English classes. I LOVED diagramming sentences!!! But now, I don't know what has happened to me. I blame it on the stroke.

Bev - Dead?! Ummmm... that may have been my fault. I didn't read the instructions that I needed to thaw the little buggers out BEFORE the ceremony. Opps.
oh, and Samsmama has stolen your crown.....

Jackie - Thanks!

Samsmama- Vero Beach would be Debbie... former NH'erite, turned Floridian. She comments only rarely (hint hint Deb!).
And I vaguely remember living in Ft Lauderdale....

Daily Wit - WHAT!? I thought it would be smooth sailing from here on out!!! shit.

The Peach Tart said...

You are so beautiful and your husband so handsome. Congratulations on the 10 years. That's quite an accomplishment in this day and age.

onebadmamajama said...

Congratulations, ya'll! :)

Organic Meatbag said...

Congratulations, you crazy kids!!

Tapsalteerie said...

It's like everybody's 10th year anni this year!! (ours is in Dec).

Anyway... lovely wedding pics :) Looks like a grand time. My mil wanted bubble gum pink taffeta EVERYWHERE so Jim and I eloped. Disappointed her plans and I think she's never forgiven me. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

"trained them to do that" LOL