Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Had a fabulous time last night at the McCartney concert, but be warned, if I had a battery life indicator it would look like this:
So please bear with me if this post is flat, uninspired and strewn with grammatical errors... you know, like all my other posts.

Anyhoo, traffic in Boston was just freakin' fabulous as always and after touring the gawd-awful cow paths they call streets, we finally parked and made our way to the private club that we were invited to for dinner.
However, once at the door the Door Dude acknowledged we were on the list but couldn't let us in, something about too many people and fire codes... blah, blah, blah. Just then we heard the opening band fire up, a mere 2 hours before what we thought was the start of the concert. WTF?
Racked with hunger pangs, Bev and I decided to for-go the complimentary dinner and drinks in order to see MGMT. Unfortunately, that required the world's longest elevator ride, in which we somehow missed the one song I really wanted to hear performed. Fabulous.

After circling Fenway Park we finally found our seats. MGMT continued to play as Bev and I twitched and cringed at the tinny, high frequency noise that was being blasted at us from the stage. In order to save what was left of our hearing, we retreated to seek food and beverages. Now regretting the free dinner we passed up, and Joe was certainly enjoying, I got in line for greasy sausage and chicken fingers while Bev hunted down some beer. With refreshments in hand, we headed back to our seats to assault our ears further.
But before we made it back, I took a stumble on the steps and watched as my $8.50 sausage sandwich flew in slow motion out of my hands, landing and rolling across, what I'm sure is an impeccably clean, Fenway steps. As an usher came to show us our seats again, I scrambled to gather the pieces of my fallen sausage. DUDE! I was really freakin' hungry. AND IT WAS $8.50!!!

Back at our seats, all sweaty and frustrated, I wiped the dirt and grime off my dinner we enjoyed our classic ballpark fare, just as MGMT wrapped up. Great.

Meanwhile, Joe was inside the nice air conditioned club, enjoying steak tips and Martini's aplenty. Fabulous.

So Bev and I entertained ourselves the way we always do.... by taken numerous self portraits and giggling uncontrollably.

Finally, Sir Paul himself showed up and ROCKED the Hizzouse! Fabulous show! Really, what more can I say.

After the show we harassed some poor, annoyed, teenager at Dunkin' Donuts, filled our nasty food trifecta with some unpleasant BK Sliders and called it a night.
Good times.


Organic Meatbag said...

awwww, you two are cute as buttons!

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA - you fell.... sorry. That just cracks me up.

Glad you had a good time.

Bev said...

You are hilarious! Don't forget my favorite part about the sausage incident, in which you blurted out, "Don't tell anyone!" as you scooped up the remains of your dinner. HA! I had tears, and you certainly ruined what little make-up I had donned for the special occasion.

Great effing night!!! Off to fill in the gaps on my blog....

Lori said...

Normally, that sausage would be dead to me. These days, though, where I seem to be hungry all the time, and in light of the fact that sausage cost more than 3 sweaters I got on clearance today at Old Navy, I'd be all over that dog. Good for you.

And that just goes to prove that pregnancy can cure OCD...sometimes.

calicobebop said...

Thank goodness ya'll have a sense of humor! Glad Sir Paul was worth the $8.50 sausage fiasco and everything else!

Samsmama said...

I would have picked the sausage up too. No worries.

Great pics! You two are super hot and I can't help but notice that you are always wearing the coolest jewelry.

PorkStar said...

God I laughed so hard at the image of you falling and the sausage rolling hahahahaha

And those pics....

sigh... you guys...: )

Mala said...

OM - awwwwwww, thanks. *blush*

Courtney -All I can say is thank gawd I wasn't carrying the beer! Now THAT would have been tragic!

Bev - you know me, always trying to maintain my rep even when eating food off the floor of Fenway Park. Class, all class.

Lori - True, I was pretty damn close to having a hunger-induced meltdown, just like when I was preggers.

Calico - Sir Paul's totally worth TWO $8.50 sausage fiascos!!!!!!

Samsmama - awww, thanks for noticing our bling. Frank just noticed Bev has teeth....

Porky - Bev's got the good ones over at her place for you. Your welcome.

JennyMac said...

The sausage story is TOO funny. And glad you didnt break your arse (or spill a cocktail!) Concert sounds like a BLAST.

Cary said...

Never pass up a free meal. It might be your last.

Anonymous said...

Damn lucky you weren't carrying the beer!
Why does the word verification box have a handicap symbol next to it? Does it know I'm challenged?

Kari said...

I've got a friend who is going to see Sir Paul this weekend. I'm totally jealous, but consoling myself with the fact that I will be seeing Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick at the same time. It ain't The Beatles, but I do dig me some cheesy hair metal.

You rock, lady!