Saturday, August 8, 2009

Next Stop on the Fun Tour

Morgan (and Mommy and Daddy) survived summer camp! I picked her up Friday morning and all appeared to be joyful and camp-a-rific. Morgan reported that she was homesick three times but that she had a great time. However, she hasn't committed to returning next year. So we'll see.

And what better way to celebrate our first born's return then with a lobstah fest with the Bev and Jim clan.

You boys look deeee-lish!
Speaking of which, Jim came dressed to the hilt...

And of course, I then felt super under-dressed since I had just finished mowing the lawn and looking all sweaty and hawt. But that didn't dissuade Bev one bit...

But no worries, I got her under control with a good old fashion headlock.

Molestation done and over with, it was time to round up our crustacean main courses, and treat them to a dip in the hot tub.

Tomorrow, Joe and I pack up the kids and head to the Poconos for vacation. Why the Poconos, you ask... well, a few months ago Joe was bitching that I never plan the vacations

asked me to plan our summer vacation. Since we have vacationed in the same spot in Maine for the past few years I decided we needed to try something new. Being the frugal chick I am, I decided to look into renting someones unwanted timeshare. After perusing the ads online I thought Atlantic City looked fun, so I sent a gazillion e-mails and offered cash for the use of a nice comfy timeshare. I guess I may have got a little too caught up in the research and offers, because I finally made a deal on a sweet 3 bedroom with a loft for really short money... and then when I asked which resort in Atlantic City, the owner replied, "Atlantic City? This is in the Poconos."
"What? Where the hell is the Poconos?"
"Oh. O.K."

So we're going to PA. apparently.

I'll be bringing my laptop... however, my long suffering computer always seems to get the trots every time I dare bring it anywhere. So don't hold your breath that I'll make it online... for the entire week. Ugh. I'm starting to sweat and shake already.


Bev said...

WOOHOO! What a fun night! You guys are the best!

Lori said...

Well, I've been schooled...I thought the Poconos were a resort somewhere in the, no offense, but when reading, I went from, "I'm SO jealous!" to "Pennsylvania for vacation? The Gosselins live there. she sure about this?"

So...can't wait to hear how the Poconos I know where they are.

onebadmamajama said...

The Poconos? Wasn't that were Baby's family vacayed in "Dirty Dancing"?

Sounds like a good time was had by all at the Lobstah Fest! The closet thing to lobsters we have here in BFE TN are crawdads LOL Not gonna be festin' with those any time soon HA!

Samsmama said...

LOVE the first pic where the lobster is marinading himself in Corona.

LOVE Jim's attire!

LOVE how your vacation panned out.

LOVE that I learned a little something today. The Poconos are in PA? Really?

NOT loving that you may be MIA this week. Boo!


(LOVING my CAPS LOCK button tonight!)

Frank Irwin said...

Nice trip "planning." Trying to get out of the job for the next time, eh?

Does your place have a heart-shaped jacuzzi? That's what I think of when I think of the Poconos.

Mala said...

Bev - Woo-hoo indeed! Feel free to drive on south if you miss me next week.

Lori- I hear ya! I got pretty excited myself... for a second. And then I got that damn Beach Boys song stuck in my head, you know, "Jamaca, Bahamas, come on pretty Momma....(blah blah blah) Down to Poconos". Wish me luck spotting an Amish! WOOT!

OBMJ - I do believe your correct. Foxtrot lessons, anyone? Hmmmm, better keep an eye on Morgan.
My Mom had a funny experience at the seafood counter when we lived in TN... she was purchasing some lobster (seriously, the ONLY one buying, lots of others looking at the big seabugs all perplexed) and a lady came up and asked her "how the hell do you fry those things?"

Samsmama - LOVE your enthusiasm!!! NOT LOVING all the fun and blog-digity antics I'll miss this week. Try to keep it down to a dull roar and don't do anything too scandelous..... until I get back!

Franky Baby - Heh, at least he can't bitch that I never plan anything. It may be the last time he asks me...
And now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of sleeping on a heart-shaped bed. I'd say there's a high risk of rolling off. I guess that's what all these mirrors on the ceiling is for.

Organic Meatbag said...

Hope you and the gang have a wonderful time!! And oh yeah, Lobster makes me happy... I even shit with happiness!!

janiece said...

I'll be interested in seeing how the timeshare pans out. I've thought about trying one of those to get a "cheap" vacation with my 3 little monsters. Hotels are expensive!!
I bet Morgan will want to go back next summer.
I LOVE lobster. Unfortunately WI doesn't have much of a freshness option.

Anonymous said...

Did MeatGag just say he just shits with happiness? Wow - that's a visual.

Cary said...

Maybe you'll catch a Shecky Greene show in the Poconos. I bet he's still performing.

Bev said...

Cary, what's a Shecky Greene?


Anonymous said...

Actually, Baby & family were in the Catskills, a.k.a. the Borscht Belt.
Have fun in the Poconos! I, too, used to think it was a place in the Caribbean, but rest assured, it's very lovely.

Mala said...

we're having a great time. OH MAH HELL! Jackpot on the accomodations! Beautiful place, we have 3 bedrooms and a loft the kids have claimed, which means they're 2 stories up from us... can't hear 'em! *evil laugh*. 2 balconies, dining room, full kitchen and livingroom with fireplace.. all for less than $70 night. I'm rockin' the frugal. I'll blog about it when I get home... now back to business:

OM - Really? Wow. Just wow. Any hoo, thank you for the well wishes. Be on the lookout for a box delivered to your house that has airholes and dripping water. Your welcome.

Janiece- Yes, 2 thumbs up. Oh and the kids have been busy in the kids program and pools! WOOT!
As for the lobsters - another reason to come for a visit!!!

Courtney - I had the same visual. Some of it was fun... but most of it was scary.

Cary - Trying not to catch anything... and eek! Sheeky Green sounds like a nasty plague you catch in these merky waters.

Yo Brooklyn! Thank you. See, always learnin' over here at the Mixed Nuts.... now, where the hell is the Catkills?

Frank Irwin said...

And, more importantly my dear Mala, the kids will not be able to hear you and Jim.


Samsmama said...

I'm really curious about this "Catkills" place you speak of...

Mala said...

Franky - Yes, that's true. But will Bev and Joe hear us? ACKWARD!

Samsmama - Fruedian slip? I think so. Friggin' cats!

Bev said...

LMAO! Wait, what? So THAT'S where Jim has been all week!

Harmony said...

Great pics..looks like a ton of fun. Molestation is essentially the only way to properly start of good times. Can't wait to see what you come back with from your vacation. Have a blast!