Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We've been unable to get online and now that I'm finally online, my battery is dying! So this will be short.
Left Kyrgyzstan on Monday for the trip from Hell to Almaty, Kazahkstan. 7 hours, most of which was spent at the border with people screaming, a car ramming into our car, hot and sticky... with an over tired 2 year old... I think you got the picture.
We had our medical appointment yesterday that went well. Today we have our last embassy appointment, please send positive vibes that it will all go smoothly. Then we're free to leave... EXCEPT there's no planes going out. So we're stuck here until Friday. I can not wait to touch US soil again. It's time for this trip to be over and bring home Beck!

By the way, Beck is doing well. He's already moved into the "testing Mama" stage, who knew that would start so quickly. But other than the random tantrum (and who can blame him, I'm ready to have a few myself) his english comprehension is mind blowing. Russian-speaking people are shocked at how much he understands in English. In fact, he becomes uneasy when someone speaks to him in Russian.
Battery dying, gotta run

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