Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello my sugar-coated webby pals. I hope you all had a great Halloweeny weekend. I know I did!
On Saturday night, we joined the LaBevs and Team E+M for some adult Halloween festivities at a local restaurant.

I forced convinced Joe to go as Billy The Exterminator, and I think he pulled it off well. OK, maybe a little too well. He made it only 3 feet through the front door before the first group of women insisted on a picture with him. That trend continued all night. Joe is now regretting his life choices and wishes he had decided to be a greasy bug-killer rather than going to grad school. Live and learn.

Drac and his Babelicious Elvira

By Sunday afternoon, we had recovered (ish) enough to take the kidlets out for for some good ol' candy hunting.

Beck the Transformer and Morgan the Midnight Fairy

Yes, those wings really do work

Is there anything better than attaching a plastic mask to your face with a rubber band?

So how was your weekend? Who rocked the costume fun?


Bev said...

Awesome night, my friend! I'm still recovering....

The kids look great! Glad you guys had fun T/o/T'ing. We did too, but froze our tushes off!

Frank Irwin said...

Oh, man, Halloween was this weekend? That must by why the 911 folks told me to quit calling them, after my 7th prowler report.

Elliott said...

Great costumes! Here's ours, not nearly as exciting.

And we're certainly not as cool as this guy. He was up on stage shakin' his shell for all it was worth.

We need to spend Halloween with you guys.

And yes, I froze my ass off passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. But at least my beer didn't get warm.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

AHAHAH! Billy is awesome! Nice job. That cage is a fantastic touch!

You look great, too! Happy Halloween!

Coffeypot said...

Great costumes. I love to see the ingenuity and imagination of the costumes at adult parties.

MJenks said...

"Joe is now regretting his life choices and wishes he had decided to be a greasy bug-killer rather than going to grad school."

*long, slow, silent, knowing nod from the sidelines*

MJenks said...

Gah! Elliot! What has been seen cannot be washed away, no matter how much Bleach you use!

The second picture. The first is awesome.

Mala said...

Bev - I agree. Can we move Halloween to a warmer month? EESH!

Frank - You're not supposed to report yourself, ya numbnut!

Elliott - Ummmm, eh, nice conch.
You and the Mrs look awesome! What kind of swanky shindig did you attend? And yes, we must start planning now for 2011

CMLCW - yes, the cage AND the 45oz of crisco in his hair. I swear, while prepping the wig, I gagged.

Coffey - There were many great costumes. LaBev will be posting the *good* pictures over at her place. *wink*

MJenks - shame, isn't it? Flash back to career day... who's laughing now?

Elliott said...

We hit a fancy masquerade ball benefiting one of our clients. Free drinks, snacks, palm readings, bands and DJ's in an (allegedly) haunted old theatre. Excellent fun!

Lori said...

I always love when you post pictures because they show such a FUN life....that Exterminator costume is GREAT--I can see why he was such a magnet!