Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running with the Pack

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, and Aunt Di and I took great advantage of it by taking Dee and Storm on a fox hunt with the Pascataqua Hounds Hunt Club.
For those unfamiliar with the American Fox Hunting, we do not use real foxes. Instead a lovely lady set out early on her mountain bike laying down a scent for the hounds to follow. No cute and cuddly foxes attended the event at all, unless you count Di and I.
This was Storm's first fox hunt and I'm happy to report that he did amazing. Not only was he unfazed by the commotion of the hounds, he got to cross water for the first time (remember Storm was an Amish horse and was never used for off-roading). No sooner had he figured out this 'getting my feet wet' business, we had to ride up a rapid stream due to recent flooding in our area. He was such a good boy! And then of course there was the full speed galloping across fields and forest after the hot-on-the-trail hounds. Again, Storm is used to leisurely trotting down the highway bringing the family to and from church in the wagon. He managed to try to stay up with the pack at an amazingly fast trot (trust me, you just can't post to that!) for the first several miles and then, finally, broke into a canter!!!! Yay! Our first canter!!! And for all my horsey friends out there; OMG! His canter is beautiful! Huge! VERY comfortable!
At the half way point we stopped for the stirrup cup, which means a quick break and a rather large cup of brandy. Luckily, I spilled most of my brandy down my jacket. Yeah, I just ooze class, don't I?
12 miles later we arrived back to the starting field. I think Storm and Dee were beaming with pride at their accomplishments. They both did such a great job.
Now that's my kind of Wednesday morning!

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Tapsalteerie said...

I'm so envious (and loving the pics). Sounds like you had a marvelous time! Yeah for Storm and his first big canter! and surviving his first water crossing.