Monday, September 1, 2008

My new camera saves the day.

I thought just the act of purchasing a new camera would make my old camera magically reappear. So I left it unopened on the kitchen table, like bait. But nothing. So Friday I was competing at the state fair in a $250 jackpot barrel racing competition and last second I grabbed the box off the table and brought it with me. There was a delay between classes so I decided I'd actually open the box and break out the new camera and ask my Aunt to video my run. Dee and had a great run, not our fastest by any means, but technically perfect. As the rest of the competitors ran I was called to the show office. This is never good. I was then told by a show official that the judge was disqualifying me for going off course, meaning I went around the last barrel in the wrong direction. For those who are not familiar with barrel racing it's done in a clover leaf pattern around 3 barrels; right turn, left turn, left turn. I've been barrel racing for 20 years, it's not brain surgery. Besides, if you told me to do it backwards I can't, it's totally unnatural, like mistakenly writing perfectly with the wrong hand - impossible. I can't do it. I assured the show official of this fact. I, in no way shape or form, went off course. She stood her ground that the judge saw me go around the wrong way. "really?" I said, "I have it on video." As I held up my camera. Ahhhh, the look on her face was priceless. The show officials all hovered around and watch the video, which clearing showed a perfect pattern, TWICE before they decided to 'not disqualify me'. I just took my prize money and smiled, thankyouverymuch. You gotta love when those little Arabians come in and kick the hyped-up gymkhana quarter horses' ass!

Oh, by the way, When I arrived home, the kids found my old camera.


Bev said...

Technology RULES!!! Score one for the little guys!

And congrats on finding your camera! Can you return the other one? :)

Jackie S said...

You go, girl!!

janiece said...

Love it!! Nothing like video proof!