Monday, July 27, 2009


Phew! This weekend wiped me out!
I took my niece and my horse to a horse show Saturday. The good news is it didn't rain ( a miracle around these parts lately) and I tried not to complain as my sunblock-less skin started to sizzle. But at least I got to work on perfecting my farmer's tan... crap.
Courtney and Storm did a fabulous job, but seriously, it was the horse show that wouldn't end. OH MAH HELL! We finally packed up and headed home at 6pm, after 10 hours of baking in the sun. Actually, I should clarify, my horse has his own tent, so technically he didn't bake. Yes, my horses get the preferential treatment. Everyone else can suck it fend for themselves.

One of the more entertaining classes is called the Carrot Race. The horse and rider ride to the barrel where a carrot awaits. The rider dismounts and must coax the horse back over the finish line without touching the horse. At this point in the day, the only thing that would tempt Storm was a trailer ride home. Good thing he doesn't possess a middle finger, cause he'd probably use it right about now.

By Sunday, summer arrived in full swing! Of course there's only one thing to do when the weather is at it's hottest and stickiest.... HAY! Yup, my aunt, Joe and I put up the last of 1000+ bales of hay. Trust me, it wasn't pretty. My aunt and I stayed up in the hayloft to stack the bales, not the slightest hint of a breeze, covered in prickly hay and so muggy I started melting through my clothes. Now that's a hawt visual, eh? But with the threat of a rainstorm coming, we were motivated to sell all the horses bust our butts and get it done quickly.
After lining up for showers, we headed to the local Japanese Steakhouse and rewarded ourselves richly with sushi and a fabulous meal at the hibachi.

And now that summer has finally made an appearance, I decided to give Beck a buzz. I can here the collective gasps. After all, you may remember how the dog's hair cut turned out...
Well the bad news is I was actually going to try for a mohawk, but got carried away and crossed the center line. So he's rocking the complete buzz.

Looks a lot like his original 'do.


Bev said...

He's adorable!! I cannot believe that you missed the chance to give him a mohawk, though. FOR SHAME!

Do you guys have some sort of frequent flyer thing happening at the Ichiban? Jeepers, you've been going what? Twice a week?

Mala said...

Bev - I know, I know. I really was going for the mohawk but once the clippers were in my hands, there was no stoppin' me.
same with mango cream cheese sushi.... must have!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

In order to even out that tan, I think you should be topless more. Plus, think about how much cooler it will be!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until we get hay... I LOVE getting all hot and sweaty and having that shit stick to you EVERYWHERE!!!

Mala said...

mjenks - I was hoping you'd think that was "hotter". sigh.

Courtney - it's enough to make you consider tossing the ol' hay burners on the BBQ!

PorkStar said...
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PorkStar said...

hay hay hay : )

I don't think i can trust you with anything pointy or sharp, so.. I'd stay away.

Weather= muggy
Mala= sweaty

yummy Mala : )

Nancy said...

Courtney and Storm look FABULOUS!!!!!

Mary said...

man that kid is cute- even if his mom is a hay baling, clipper wielding, funny gal :)

Anonymous said...

No shit Mala!!!!

Samsmama said... cute! I've thought of buzzing Sam's hair but he's got sort of an oddly shaped head. Best to keep a little hair on his dome.

Lori said...

I love the haircut!!!

I'd love to say more about the horse and hay experience, but it made me hot just thinking about it so I need to go tuck myself in the freezer a few minutes. Ugh.

onebadmamajama said...

What a cutie pie! My ex "clipped" (more like shaved!) Bubba's head a couple of years ago. I had all kinds of folks asking me when he had started chemo! WTF?! Needless to say, the ex is no longer in charge of his hairstyles LOL

calicobebop said...

Holy Cow - the poor horse trying to do the carrot-thingy. I'd be put out after a long day too!

Love your pictures! Can't wait to see more of them!!

Mala said...

Porkstar - sweaty??? I prefer "glowing"... oh hell, who am I kidding!

Nancy - Thank you. They really do make a great team.

Courtney - well, good thing they're cute (and technically too big to fit on the grill).

Samsmama - Beck's teachers were remarking how his head is shaped like a bowling ball. It's as hard as one too!

Lori - yeah, it's about as much fun as you imagine it would be.

OBMJ- Yes, luckily I remembered to put in place the clipper attachment. Poor Bubba!

Calicobop - hey, nice to see ya! Yes, poor Storm. He tolerates a lot. Stick around, there's always more pictures!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

When I was discussing the relative temperatures of flesh when you had your shirt off, I was discussing the cooling feeling of the gentle sea breeze on your sun-dappled skin whilst you lounged languidly alongside the quay.

I wasn't talking about the temperature in my pants, which would of course be hotter, what with all the diverted bloodflow and such.