Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mala From the Block

What with all the humidity and outright rain, I've been lookin' a little raggy lately and at wit's end, ready to just shave my head. So I placed my (hair) future in Bev's hands and gave her cart blanc to give me a new style... oh hell, who am I kidding? New style? That would require having a present style.... and I don't.

Plus Bev and I are fleeing traveling to NYC for a fabulous kid-free, hubby-free weekend on Friday. And who wouldn't want to look fab for that? plus Bev has warned me to get some style or she won't be seen in public with me.

Bev has been known to always rock the "rock star" 'do so I trust her fully (and threatened her with public embarrassment if she made me look like ass). My requirements are simple; A) Don't make me look like a 'tard B) NO SOCCER MOM HAIR CUTS!... other than that, she has free rein on cut and color.

This is her recommendation:

"I told Mala to go all J-Lo up in here. For real - she can pull off the JLo 'do. She's got a tan, and the same thick hair that can be either straight or curly (bitch), and I just think she can totally work the caramel highlights."

So what do you think? I have 11am appointment on Monday and I promise an update.


Lori said...

I'm ALL about the caramel highlights, though the picture I brought in to my hairdresser was of Jessica Alba, similar do to the one you posted. I LOVED them (and still apparently do because I STILL have them after over a good year and a half. I should have given that gal a bigger tip!). NYC won't know what to do with you, you'll be so fab!

Brady's Mommy! said...

I'm envisioning the kate minus jon plus 8 reverse mullet.

Jillinator said...

That would look fantastic on you!

Bev said...

LMAO! You are too funny. You know you have tons of personal style, so don't try to front! You also know I'm not exactly a fashionista myself....

You're gonna look awesome with that hair. Can't wait for the update!

Frank Irwin said...

Well, hell. When I saw those pics on Bev's blog, I thought that was her on the right, and not you. I guess I should raise my eyes a little when I look at Bev.

Samsmama said...

You can totally pull that off. I'm so excited to see pictures.

And I'll have all of you bitches know that I have serious hair envy.

Bev said...

LMAO! Eyes up here, Franky.

Eh, fuck it. Go nuts. They're spectacular, after all.


Frank Irwin said...

Yes, they are, Bev, yes, they are.

As I was reading your comment, I was watching Mythbusters and one of the guys just happened to be holding a couple of watermelons in a rather Bevesque manner.

word verf: padebute "Whenever she walks by, I like to padebute."

Bev said...


Oh Franky. This isn't the first time my melons have been noticed... I just hope the Mythbusters guys weren't about to blow up said melons, Galligher-style!

Jackie said...

How exciting! Maybe after I see your new 'do', I'll make an appt. for mine ;)

janiece said...

Go for it Mala!

onebadmamajama said...

I think that 'do is gonna be awesome on you! I can't wait to see the pics:)

Mala said...

Lori - Glad to hear you are a satisfied customer of the caramel highlights. We can be twins! Well, except for the fact that I'm twice the size of you... even though your several months preggers. Sigh.

Erica - I thought the Kate reversa-mullet was a given no-no. Yack!

Jillers - Which one? The kate minus jon plus 8 reverse mullet???

Bev- you're right. I do have tons of personal style. Frump is technically a style.

Umm Frank, it's not me on the right either, dear. Her name is Jennifer Lopez... some people call her J.Lo. She's a singer or an actress. Can't remember which. So are we confirming you do in fact drink? Or really, you're only looking at knockers. I'm guessing the knockers.

Bev - why yes they are. You go girl.

Jackie - you still haven't made that appointment? You're going bleach blonde right? You must post pictures!

Janiece - T minus 12 hours.

OBMJ - Thanks. You know, considering I gave her cart blanc, and I'm just crazy enough to follow through with whatever she recommended, I think Bev did quiet well. Now so long as this isn't the conversation with my hairdresser:

WHAT I SAID: Here's a picture of J. Lo, make it happen!

WHAT SHE HEARD: I want the kate minus jon plus 8 reverse mullet... in platinum blonde.

Frank Irwin said...

Grrr...I mean on the left, of course.

(Your right. :-)

Harmony said...

I love getting my hubby hates it! LOL I was once a haircut junkie..I am better now, for the most part. But sometimes I get that ache, I know I NEED a haircut..right then! I hope you got what you wanted...can't wait to see follow up pictures.