Saturday, July 11, 2009


As if the run-in with the Hillbillies earlier this week wasn't creepy enough, I found myself meandering the interwebs and having this notion pop into my head that I should check on "The Waste of Oxygen Who Stalked Me" (hereby known as WOOWSM... naw, I'll just refer to him AHOLE).

Long story short, this creep served TWO prison sentences in FL for Aggravated Stalking. After serving his first sentence, he was back at it again and broke into my house, so back in he went. Thank goodness fate or guardian angels had me else where that night.

Before he was released from prison again, I moved... far, far away.

So the other night I just had that odd feeling I should perhaps check on the whereabouts of AHOLE. After a little Net-sleuthing, I discovered he is a guest of the New York Department of Corrections, serving a 5 year sentence for a breaking and entering and robbery at gun point charge. But because AHOLE, is, well, an A-HOLE, he's actually been there since 2003, released a couple of times but always managing to find his arse back in prison (where it belongs). However, after a little more digging, I discover he just had a parole hearing LAST WEEK (psychic much?) and has been granted release AGAIN! WTF?! Should we start a poll how long this AHOLE will go before he commits another crime? Seriously, is NY just seeing if next time he'll actually murder someone?

The good news is that per his probation requirements, he needs to stay in that local area. The bad news is he doesn't seem to follow directions well (ya think?) and NY is a little too close for my comfort.

So there's today's tale of psychic abilities and creepy encounters. I'm hoping next week's theme is a bit more cute and cuddly.... perhaps a little Ralph Fiennes in NYC? Please?! I've had my fill of creeps.


Lori said...

And yet we wonder why we have crime? Uh, how about we LET THE FREAKING CRIMINALS OUT! John and I are (sadly) obsessed with the Gangland and Prison shows on the History (or Discovery or NatGeo...they're all the same) channel...we cannot believe how some of these prisoners get pi**ed off about having rules, and being required to be respectful. I acutally heard on guy say, "Man...this place is whack. People in other prisons don't have to say "Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma'aam" and they're allowed their privacy. It's too controlling here." I'd like to give that warden a hug.

For Pete's sake.

sec. in "That's the car Ahole should be leaving prison from."

Mala said...

" in "That's the car Ahole should be leaving prison from."
I hear that, sista!!!!!!

Hearing inmates piss and moan really irks me. Seriously, you really have to screw up majorly to actually get in jail. (Don't even get me started on what I went through to get AHOLE in jail the first time around. NIGHTMARE.) The laws in society aren't that hard to follow. And once they're in there they have more than most people in other parts of the world have (food, shelter, heat, clean water, fitness centers, free education, MEDICAL CARE)! Hell, more than most hard working, law-abiding US citizens have!!! So really AHOLES, STFU and stop complaining because you have to learn respect and you only get ice cream 3X a week instead of 5.

Brady's Mommy! said...

was this by any chance a prom date of yours?

Jillinator said...

OMG Mala - that is so scarey! Totally trust your instincts! The fact that you felt the need to look him up only to find out he'd just been released means that you should find out who his PO is and ask him to contact you if he ever doesn't show up for an appt. seriously.

Bev said...

He is one scary mofo! About that mace....

Frank Irwin said...

Hmmmm....Mebbe you and The Bev shouldn't go to NYC for your trip. I hear that there aren't any CREEPS in Austin.

Samsmama said...

Um, ignore Frank.

I'm so sorry Mala! How did you ever end up with someone so terrifying in your life?

I know how you feel. Every now and then I check to make sure my creep is still behind bars. He's forever getting paroled, forever fecking up and going back.

Mary said...

holy holy shit- that is one creepy mofo!
I'm not sure if the billies from earlier are scarier, or this whack job!
Fingers crossed that he screws up- quickly- and that they can lock him back up ASAP

janiece said...

Scary--maybe it is time to thing of a name change and witness protection?

Deb G. said...

Mala, Tell me that's not the guy that was at my house for Christmas with you years ago.

Mala said...

Erica - Ugh, prom SUCKED! Don't remind me.

Jillinator - Good idea!

Bev - EXACTLY! But the last time I possessed Mace I accidently used it on myself. That shit BURNS!

Franky - I heard there's just one. Naw, I kid!

Samsmama - You got one too? We'll have to compare notes... or rather, police files.

Mary - That's my hope too, that he screws up, like accidently shooting himself in the head.

Janiece - I actually did change my name and entered the witness protection program... I used to be a 6"1 black woman named Shanaynay.

onebadmamajama said...

That shit is so wrong! What ever happened to the whole three strikes and your out (as prison for the rest of your life) rule? I'm assuming the majority of his charges have been felonies.

That being said, I used to work at the county jail here. Scumbags each and every one but to hear them tell it..the are all falsely accused!

Get a gun, take a handgun safety course and get a concealed carry permit. Also, get a big, ole mean ass dog that loves you and yours and hates others.

PS Maybe while in NYC, if he's in jail, you should buy a truckload of cigs and porn mags and see if you can get that problem taken care of :)

Harmony said...

Holy shit..that is terrifying. I'm sorry you have a creepy AHOLE out there. I give him 2 weeks tops.

Organic Meatbag said...

Repeat offender jackass...I say three strikes and you're in: we're dumping you in the Hudson with cement shoes, A-hole criminals!