Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Bevers

Wednesday is Bev's birthday and although I'm a few hours early I wanted to send her a special burfday tribute.

34 Reasons I Like Bev... (in no particular order).

1. She's hi-freakin-larious
2. great hair
3. She likes wine as much as I do
4. She's a walking tabloid of celeb gossip
5. She'll play RockBand with me for hours
6. She doesn't hold it against me when I sing horribly at RockBand
7. She's my go-to editor
8. She made working at the world's crappiest TV station a BLAST!
9. She introduced me to the wonders of the adverb
10. She doesn't hold it against me when I mangle the English language
11. She always has her camera ready
12. She'll drink pink wine with me... and not think badly of me for it.
13. She has a movie quote for everything
14. Easy going, peace loving gal
15. She'll celebri-stalk with me
16. She'll go to an Everclear concert preggers, just to make me happy.
17. stylish
18. speaks my favorite language; snark
19. gets almost all my jokes
20. makes an incredible 7 layer dip (really, that stuff is phenom)
21. down with ditching the kids and hubbies to go have fun!
22. good sense of direction
23. glass half full kinda girl
24. recognizes obscure celebs
25. great Momma
26. loves Mexican (food at least)
27. keeps secrets well
28. understands accepts my deep obsession for Ralph Fiennes
29. Incredible writer
30. partys like a rockstar
31. wears underwear... most of the time. (just checking to see who's still with me)
32. Loyal
33. classy
34. kindest, bestest friend you could ask for.

Wow, that was easy... I've got more, but I'll have to wait for her next birthday.
Happy Birthday Bev.

(Disclaimer: This video DOES NOT apply to Bev.)


PorkStar said...

First comment, yay! Happy birthday muffin sweat! im about to head down there (to her blog) and poke her and wish her a happy happy.

PorkStar said...

By the way, you forgot to say she has a nice rack.

Muffin has said it herself and I totally believe it!

Mary said...

happy birthday- and awesome list- I read all the way to the end (underwear most of the time?) like a good little blog stalker :)

Bev said...

AWWWW! You made my day!!!! Srsly, I have tears. You're the best BFF EVAR!



Samsmama said...

How sweet was this? You are a dear friend, TaMala!

You have 7 months to come up with 37 things you like about me. That's right, 37. Time starts...NOW!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I don't know Bev...but 31 does certainly pique my interest.

Anonymous said...

Awwww this was so nice.... now lets talk about the underware most of the time.....

Mala said...

Porkstar - I believe the nice rack is a given, yes?

Mary - atta girl Mary! You get a gold star!

Bev - I mean every word! *smooch*

Samsmama - 37? Easy-peesey!!!!

Mjenks - I highly recommend you get to know Bev... in a totally appropriate sort of way... or not.

Courtney - And even when she does where underware, it's that dental floss thongs... so I'm not sure that counts.

onebadmamajama said...

What a wonderful post! TaMala, you rawk...as does Muffin Sweat:)

Bev said...

Hey man, don't knock the butt floss! :-p

Organic Meatbag said...

In honor of Bev and her underwear track record, I am going commando tomorrow...hahaha!