Monday, January 21, 2008

Reuniting with old friends

This weekend has been very special. Saturday night Hilary, her Mother and Anara flew in from NE ( We traveled with this wonderful family on both our first visit trip and our pick up trip. They will always be very special to us, after all we survived a night on the floor of JFK... it was quite a bonding experience.
Anara is doing so well! Since last we met, she is now walking... errr, running full tilt. I'm not sure she really remembers me (even though we really bonded on trip #2), but she does remember Beck and Beck remembers her. Her first night here we went out to dinner where Beck stood proudly with his arm around her and sneaking a kiss here and there.
To add to the excitement, last night we got to welcome home a little girl Beck grew up with at Tokmok (same 'house') ( Jyly looked a little overwhelmed at the crowd that gathered at Logan. But when she spotted her old friend Beck the most beautiful smile appeared. She reached for him and he smiled back. It was obvious that they still remembered each other. After a few minutes Beck leaned over and gave Jyly a kiss.

Congratulations to Jyly and her new family!


Jamie said...

Oh Mala! It is so sweet to see those precious children together again, and under such joyous circumstances! Thank you for sharing the pictures! Arent you just so thankful that the internet makes it so easy to reach out and connect with others that we share such a special bond with?

Mom to 2 Angels said...

It is so great that the kiddos have connections with their old friends! Our little girl may have been too young to remember, but I so wish we were closer to some other Kyrg kiddos!

Lisa B and Family said...

I am so touched by your and Hilary's being there for Jyly and Marnie! Oh my, Beck, so sweet! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

imtina said...

Ok, I'm completely and totally jealous!! How sweet of Beck...all those kisses. He looks so great, by the way, with all that hair and that smile. He's soooo handsome. This post made my heart melt. I hope to get our Tokmok babies together sometime too.


Jackie said... fabulous to see these pics. It's so wonderful that you could get together and welcome Jyly. Yayyy!

Gen 's Family Story said...

These are precious photos!!! Beck is wonderful!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

These are precious photos!!! Beck is wonderful!!