Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beck on tour

Beck and I are flying out to southern California on Friday for a very special reunion. An agency in San Diego is hosting a delegation from Kyrgyzstan which includes the orphanage director from Beck's orphanage. She was the one person to whom Beck showed great affection for when we met him. It was obvious that they had a special bond and on the day Beck left the orphanage her eyes filled with tears. She stated that she was happy he was going home but very sad that he was leaving. I think she'll be very surprised to see him at the event. I can't imagine what she'll think when she sees this big, strong confident boy.
In addition to the orphanage director, there will be a few little faces I remember from the orphanage, now we're their forever families. And also we will get to meet, finally in person, people who helped us in the beginning, other families who knew Beck before us and who gave us a lot of helpful information regarding him and who also took pictures of him and delivered a special gift from us.
The purpose for this delegation's visit is to see how well the children are doing once they get home. I feel it's important that as many families that are able to make it attend and show how well these beautiful children are doing in their new homes. I hope if the officials had any doubt as to whether these adoptions have been successful they'll be quickly comforted by the sight of these healthy, thriving, wondrous kids. And in turn that the country continues with it's efforts to place their children into loving homes.

Cross your fingers that we don't end up sleeping on the floor of an airport!


janiece said...

I'll be thinking of you and hoping you have a nice soft bed! She'll certainly be impressed by Beck! Have a great time. I wish I was able to come with you.

Marnie said...

I really wish we could go to the picnic but Jyly has a meeting with the fish at Sea World in San Antonio. Then we are hoping to hang out with Holly and Elijah in Houston. We will have our own little Kyrg reunion. Have a great time in San Diego.

Maria said...

Hey Mala -- just got your comment. We are in Joelton -- just a hop and skip from Springfield. I'm there frequently! Small world.