Thursday, July 3, 2008

Even the dead read this blog!

I have to laugh, according to my blog stats, I'm pretty popular with the folks at Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Here's a list of Rosedale's possible peepers to the blog:

George Alexander (1839-1923), politician, 38th Mayor of Los Angeles
Allen Allensworth (1842-1914), Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Army, founder of Allensworth, California
Ivie Anderson (1905-1949), jazz singer and actress
Henry Armstrong (1912-1988) champion boxer

Edward L. Baker, Jr. (1865-1913), U.S. Army officer, Medal of Honor recipient during Spanish-American War
Phineas Banning (1830-1885), financier, known as the "Father of the Port of Los Angeles"
David S. Barmore (1832-1905), wealthy steamboat builder, helped make the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers famous
Emmer Bowen (1830-1912), Medal of Honor recipient during Confederate War
Tod Browning (1880-1962), movie director, screenwriter, known as "The Master of the Macabre"
David Burbank (1821-1895), dentist, businessman and landholder, Burbank, California, was named for him
Betty Burbridge (1895-1987), actress

Eric Campbell (1879-1917), actor
Rita Carewe (1909-1955), actress
Frank Chance (1877-1924), Hall of Fame baseball player
Arline Chase (1900-1926), American dancer, helped popularize the "shimmy" during WWI era
Trustrim Connell (1834-1937), Union Army officer, Medal of Honor recipient during Confederate War

Eric Dolphy (1928-1964), American jazz musician

Jessie Benton Frémont (1824-1902), writer, wife of General John C. Frémont

John Reynolds Gardiner (1944-2006), author
William Thornton Glassell (1831-1879), Confederate Naval officer, granduncle of George S. Patton
Louise Glaum (1888-1970), actress, silent screen "Vamp"
George Goodfellow (1855-1910), physician, medical pioneer, known as the "Gunfighter's Surgeon"

[edit] H
Arthur C. Harper (1866-1948), politician, 36th Mayor of Los Angeles
Theresa Harris (1909-1985), actress
Eliza Poor Donner Houghton (1843-1922), Donner Party survivor, writer, second wife of Sherman Otis Houghton
Sherman Otis Houghton (1828-1914), lawyer, politician.

Harry Kellar (1849-1922), American magician who was world-renowned, influenced Harry Houdini

Fernando Lamas (1915-1982), Argentinian-born actor/director, husband of Esther Williams, was cremated at Rosedale
Benjamin Chambers Ludlow (1831-1898), Union officer during Confederate War

John Mansfield (1822-1896), politician, Lieutenant Governor of California from 1880 to 1883
William B. Mayes (1837-1900), Union Army soldier, Medal of Honor recipient
Owen McAleer (1858-1944), politician, Canadian-born 35th Mayor of Los Angeles
Hattie McDaniel (1895-1952), actress, first black person to win an Academy Award, which she received for her performance as Mammy in Gone with the Wind
Spencer G. Millard (1856-1895), politician, 20th Lieutenant Governor of California, died in office within his first year
Mable Monohan (1888-1953), murder victim, her death sent Barbara Graham, Emmet Perkins and Jack Santo to the gas chamber
Gideon C. Moody (1832-1904), American politician, Congressman/Senator
Tim Moore (1887-1958), vaudevillian, comic actor, appeared in the TV version of Amos 'n' Andy

Remi Nadeau (1819-1887), French Canadian pioneer who arrived in Los Angeles in 1861
Marshall Neilan (1891-1958), director, actor, motion picture pioneer
John R. Newberry (1850-1933), businessman, pioneer grocer, founded J.R. Newberry and Company, one of the first chain grocery stores in Los Angeles
John G. Nichols (1813-1898), 3rd and 10th Mayor of Los Angeles

Henry Z. Osborne (1848-1923), politician, served in the House of Representatives from California

Louise Peete (1883-1947), notorious multiple murderess, executed in the gas chamber at San Quintin
Stanley Price (1892-1955), actor

Frank Rader (1848-1897), politician, 31st Mayor of Los Angeles
Andy Razaf (1895-1973), lyricist, composer, wrote "Ain't Misbehavin" and "Honeysuckle Rose"
Frederick H. Rindge (1857-1905), American businessman, philanthropist and writer
Anthony A.C. Rogers (1821-1899), politician, served in the House of Representatives from Arkansas
Maria Rasputin (1889-1977), daughter of Russia's notorious "mad monk," Grigori Rasputin

Monroe Salisbury (1876-1935), actor
Caroline Severance (1820-1914), social reformer, suffragette
James S. Slauson (1865-1922), Southland pioneer, citrus grower and former president of the Chamber of Commerce, prominent in civic affairs
Everett Sloane (1909-1965), actor, was in Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre, played Mr. Bernstein in Citizen Kane
William Stephens (1859-1944), 24th California Governor

Art Tatum (1909-1956), jazz pianist (has cenotaph; originally interred here, he was removed to Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale)
William I. Traeger (1880-1935), lawman, politician, football coach, sheriff of Los Angeles County from 1921 to 1932, served term in the House of Representatives from California
John Q. Tufts (1840-1908), politician, served in the House of Representatives from Iowa
Ernestine Wade (1906-1983), actress, played Sapphire Stevens on radio and TV's Amos 'n' Andy
Olin Wellborn (1843-1921), politician, served in House of Representatives from Texas
Ernest Whitman (1893-1954), actor, played the Carperbagger's friend in Gone with the Wind
Robert M. Widney (1838-1929), American lawyer, judge, a founder of USC
Harvey H. Wilcox (1832-1891), owned ranch northwest of the City of Los Angeles, which his wife, Daeida, named Hollywood; originally interred in Rosedale, alongside his mother, Azubah (Mark) Wilcox (c. 1804-1888), he was removed to Hollywood Cemetery, in 1922
Dooley Wilson (1886-1953), actor, musician, played Sam in Casablanca
Anna May Wong (1905-1961), actress, the first Chinese American movie star
Frederick T. Woodman (1872-1949), politician, 41st Mayor of Los Angeles
Honorable Wu (1896-1945), actor
Marjorie Zier (1909-1952), actress


Betsy said...

I get hits on my blog from the Rosedale Cemetery too!!!

Who is this crazy dead person reading about our Kyrgyz adventures?? :)

Bets said...

lmao... well even the beyond find humor here too lol.

Bets said...

Just going back and re-reading... Here's a scary thought...

Let's hope these same pople don't vote on the 2008 presidential election!! Yikes!! lol