Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dazed and Confused...and Just Plain Tired

Shhhhhh.... I'm hiding from the kids. I'm way behind on my interwebs due to the fact I have summer camp here at the farm for 2 weeks and I'm up to my eyeballs in kids, riding, and figuring out what that smell is... no time (or energy) to blog stalk. I'm going through serious withdrawal. But I WILL be back, I promise.

Last week was fun... Saw what might very well be my last Jethro Tull concert. Poor Ian. I'll chalk it up to new(ish) band members and an off night, but he's gonna have to pull some new tricks out of his sleeve to get us to buy tickets to his next tour. Oh, and no more songs about bunnies in his garden. OK?

But you know who did rock? GET THE LED OUT! AGAIN!

The LaBevs, Team E&M and Joe & I rented a house by the seashore... well, it ended up being more of a dilapidated Frat house... but the concert was awesome!

Crazy eyes! We gots 'em.

And as if the concert could get any better, I got to feel chat up Andrew, the band's guitarist, keyboardist and resident Hottie McHotHot!

Wouldn't we make cute babies? Cute, little lazy-eyed babies. *sigh*

Oh crap! The kids have found me! I thought it would take them longer to get themselves out of that duct tape.

Anyway, for the whole story, go read Bev's recap of the evening.

And if Get The Led Out ever comes anywhere near your neck of the woods, GO SEE THEM!!!


Lori said...

As always--you living the life of a rock star (groupie?) looks like SO MUCH FUN!

PS--next time, with the duct tape, heat it with a hair dryer a bit before you use it...makes the tape REALLY gooey and REALLY hard to pull apart once stuck together.

Hey--teaching has some tricks of the trade!

Mala said...

Lori - LMAO!!! I heart you! And you KNOW I'm totally filing that nugget of priceless info away in my mental filing cabinet. Hmmm, let's see, the cabinet seems full...here, let me throw out this mental note about clean underwear/accidents...pshh!

Frank Irwin said...

And don't forget to put wrap the duct tape so that it catches as much hair as possible. That slows down the removal immensely.

Coffeypot said...

I would love to be at the camp. I bet it was a ton of fun and work.

Bev said...

You sexy thang! You totally captivated Andrew. :)

Great times, as always! Good luck with the mystery odors....

Kate said...

Looks like Andrew was doing some titty-grabbing. But that might just be the camera angle.

Mala said...

Frank - Genius!

Coffey - I've been asked a few times to host a week of adult camp so...come on up.

Bev - Yeah, well, I was wishing I'd have him duct taped by now... sigh

Kate - No, not the angle. Oh wait, did you mean his or mine?