Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Next Time I'll Lock The Door

What the? Jeebus, I abandon the joint for *cough* a month or so and vandals come in and trash the place. What the Friggity frack? Please bare with me while I figure out how to get this place back in shape...and figure out where that smell is coming from *sniff sniff* *shudder*

In the mean time, here's a brief update on where the hell I've been (in pictures of course):

Practicing good sportsmanship

Partying like a rockstar

Still getting photo-bombed

Hanging with Bev

Helping strangers

Up a creek without a paddle

Teaching the kids to levitate

I'll work on bringing the blog back to a recognizable state and resume my blog-stalking soon. Promise.


Roberta said...

missed you!

Bev said...

Haha! Good stuff! Love the new look. So all it took was a vandalizing to get you back to Blog World? I'll have to remember that....

Frank Irwin said...

Vandalized? Really?

Coffeypot said...

Glad you are back and great pictures - except the one were you are Frenching the horse.

Mala said...

Roberta - Awwwwww, you noticed! *wipes away a tear*

Bev - Not sure if I'm committing to this new look... but it's better than that mess I came back to.

Frank - I feel so violated.

Coffey - Really? With all that cleavage in the picture below it, I didn't figure you'd notice that one.

Lori said...

Yeah...I was highly put out the other day when that message popped up telling me they were changing it up. Ugh.

What are they? Free designs or something??????

Love the pic updates!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mala I noticed the cleavage!