Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Years To The Day

Three years ago today, Beck stepped off a plane and met his sister for the first time.

Today, for the first, he boarded the school bus for kindergarten.

Where does the time go?


Bev said...

Awww! *a tear*

He is growing up so fast!


Frank Irwin said...

And yet Mala hasn't changed a bit!

Lee said...


Rich Girl Red said...

Mala, that is so precious! They do grow up fast, but it's all a joy.

Marnie and Jeremy said...

The older he gets, the more he looks like you Mala. What happened to his chubby checks?

Coffeypot said...

First day of kindergarten...a big step on his way to manhood. And where does time go? I don't care as long as it keeps on going for me.

Jackie said...

Unbelievable how fast time is moving. So awesome ... BIG congrats :)

Mala said...

Bev - Couldn't have done it without all your notarizing!

Frank - Awwwww... Thanks.
(wait? You did mean that as a compliment, right? RIGHT!?)

Lee - Cleavage right back at ya!

RGR - Well, I can think of a few things that aren't a joy...potty training immediately springs to mind, and a broken window. But yeah, the rest ain't too bad.

Marnie - That's exactly what Joe said this morning!

Coffey - Hmmmmmm, I have a clock I should regift to you. (you'll have to check out Bev's blog to 'get that'. Of course it would be super cool if I implanted that link, but, well...I'm lazy.

Jackie - you're next! *gasp*

Hilary Marquis said...

He's lost all traces of baby fluff! Happy Gotcha little buddy!

Michelle said...

From pouty to fabulous in 3 short years! I can't believe how fast 3 years went by! So far, every first day of school I cry like a little girl and LIlianna is in 2nd grade!

Lori said...

Just love this. "Bringing Home Beck" was one of the very, very, very first blogs I read. Ever. Love it now as much as I loved it then and am just so overjoyed that that sweet little boy's family is so wonderful!

Mala said...

Hilary - He sure has. Especially this summer. You wouldn't believe how tall he is. I predict by the end of the year he'll start surpassing Morgan.

Michelle - No tears here. I was so proud of how far he has come... and for a little peace and quiet.

Lori - awwwwwwwww, thanks for sticking with us!