Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hollywood Recap

Whew! To say we had a good time in LA would be an understatement. But now I'm home in the chilly Northeast, suffering from what I can only describe as a Time Zone/ Travel hangover. Despite that, I feel compelled to write what I remember before it disappears into a foggy memory share with you, my bloggy buddies, in a picture-laden post. Shocking, right?

Bev got her paparazzi on when we spotted a car full of freaks. 'Cause, you know, we love freaks!

Only after snapping the shot did we realize the car was being driven by Kat Von D.
We tried to dispense some sage dating advice, but she just wasn't having it. Oh well. We tried.

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at the famous Chateau Marmont with fellow blogger, Melissa. There's a picture of that but you won't be seeing it. Sadly, Bev's camera was set on Fun House Mirror filter. Shame, because the front desk clerk in-training probably got fired for taking our picture for us. Stupid No Photo policy.

Our hotel was ridiculously close to the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars.

Hello Oscar!

The lovely Maeghan joined us for a Oscar Eve Party. Maeghan dubbed this our "reverse Oreo cookie" picture.

The giggling started then and lasted for the next 8 hours. Lucky for you, the party included an all-you-can-shot photo booth.

Fast forward to the next day, Oscar Time!

Hollywood Blvd, as well as the entire area around our hotel went into lock down. Tarp covered chain link fences appeared every where. Armed police and swat teams canvased the area and pat-downs were abundant (especially when you ask nicely).

We jockeyed for a decent view of the pretty people arriving. As you can see, we didn't get one.

Even Jesus couldn't resist the Oscar hoopla!

It made me feel better that even HE didn't get an invite.

So after going through the pat-down line enough times to raise suspicion realizing we couldn't see a damn thing, we went back to our room to watch it all on TV.... *sigh*

The next day, LaBev and I decided to take in some sight seeing.

Out of no where this seemingly friendly Aussie tourist pushed me over the cliff.

But I managed to survive!

Then a little light shopping...

Did I mention I got kicked out of a job at Prada on Rodeo Drive?

While on the sight seeing tour our guide showed us Bar Marmont and said how impossible it is to get in since it is the place to be.

Well, that sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?
Oh how we laugh at your challenges!

The Bar Marmont was fabulous; delicious food, tasty wine and it didn't hurt that our waiter was Orlando Bloom's doppelganger.

No, that never hurts.

We may also be engaged...

The following day we hit Venice Beach; an eclectic community of artists, free spirits... and this guy...
Bev dared me to steal his shillelagh.

And just as Bev and I ran out of hand sanitizer, my left coast BFF called with an invite to... wait for it..... THE MAGIC CASTLE!!!!!! The Magic Castle is an uber-exclusive members only club in Hollywood. My friend's business/writing partner/actor Steve was performing so we were put on the list. suh-weet!
The hitch was there's a dress code at the tres chic Castle. It's well documented I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so it's no surprise that my suitcase didn't contain a cocktail dress or evening gown.
So I did what any girl would do... we went to Bloomingdales... and bought a designer dress.
Amex may be delivering my next statement by truck next month.
We also hustled to shop for a matching pair of heels (again, shocking that my luggage only included flat, sensible shoes...oh, and snow boots. Mustn't forget snow boots in LA *palmface*). We were successful in finding a pair of black peep-toes.... and a $58 parking ticket. Fabulous.
I will never be able to describe the awesomeness that is the Magic Castle. And I don't have any pictures to document either since it's another photo free zone. Bev and I + a place where we couldn't continuously snap silly photos = torture!
We arrived, found our names scrawled on a cocktail napkin on the list, and approached the golden owl (OWL!!!)on the bookshelf, uttered the magic words and a secret panel opened up and gave us entrance into the super secret world of a members only club house.

Immediately I noticed Bev going a few shades grey and shaking a bit. I took that as my cue to shuffle her over to the bar and order her a drink STAT. Turned out it wasn't her thirst that rendered her speechless, but the sight of a certain A-lister, who I shall call HaveYa Gardamn.
After a little vino medication, all was right in the world again and Bev and I set out to scour the castle. It's AMAZING... all old Hollywood splendor from a bygone era meets the Haunted Mansion, complete with a piano playing ghost named Irma.
Here's Irma sitting at the piano with some guy, who's not dead. Thank you to the interwebs for the photo.
We opted out of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi and requested Irma to play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir - which she did....fabulously. She can play anything you request. Magic, right?
As you wonder the castle, magicians are putting on performances in intimate little theaters and private nooks. We sat in on Steve's performance and he was un-flippin-believable!!!! He even picked Bev to assist him in trick that still has us baffled. Magic, ya know. We chatted him up a bit after his performance and I thanked him for the autograph and swag he sent Morgan and Beck from his Disney show.

Eventually Bev and I found the exit the night came to an inevitable end. An unforgettable evening indeed.

A FABULOUS trip for sure.


Frank Irwin said...

Looks like a great time! Judging by the photo booth shots, I think that you and Maeghan may be married, in some states.

And I'm jealous of your Magic Castle excursion.

JJ said...

How amazing that trip must have been!! I loved the post, sounds like you two had an absolute blast!

Bev said...


Great post! I feel like I was there!

Oh wait... well, whatevs! I think I'll just link to yours instead of writing my own post! <3

Magic Castle = one of the craziest experiences of my young life. It was like being in a Kubrick film... in a good way!

Coffeypot said...

I was up there in the 'hill's' around the Hollywood sign and the observatory where Rebel Without A Cause was made. Did you see any wild coyotes running around? They were all over the place.

Looks like a great time, too. But I'll stay in GA to live.

Mala said...

Frank - Yes, Maeghan, a waiter and several homeless people.

JJ - Great times indeed. I'm still payin' for it though.

Bev - Yes, just like a Kubrick film, minus all the nudity. Oh, wait.
But at least it wasn't Dinner For Schmucks, although the prize money would have been nice.

Coffey - They don't allow visitors up near the Hollywood sign anymore. I suspect your visit had something to do with that...

Salina said...

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