Saturday, March 1, 2008

It all started with a picture

Exactly one year ago today I learned about a little country called Kyrgyzstan and with one chance phone call, immediately got a referral of an 18 month old boy ( we were looking to adopt a child up to 18 months old. We later found out his age was incorrect and he was 2 years. Sometimes God has to trick you into seeing what you truly want).
Although, undoubtedly he was a cutie, it wasn't a magical moment when the heavens opened and I heard angels sing as I studied the features of this little strangers face. It was an odd feeling, thinking, 'is this my son?'. Then I got his medical report and my heart sank. It listed all sorts of horribly sounding ailments and conditions. I thought this poor boy, would he ever be capable of living a 'normal' life? I wasn't sure if we were at all prepared to raise a special needs child. I felt sad and guilty and heart broken.
But fate often helps us along. By chance, someone on the Kyrgyzstan Yahoo group told me her friend was at the Tokmok orphanage right now and knew this little boy well. So I e-mailed her and shared with her my concerns about all the scary things that his medical said. Much to my relief she assured me that he was a wonderful and healthy little boy. She was able to take some pictures for me and e-mail them immediately. I can not express how happy that made me. My worries about him melted away as she wrote to me for several days, updating me on what he was doing and sharing with me that he had really captured her heart as well.
I will always be thankful to Tina, and for fate and God. I can not believe it all started just a year ago today.


Jackie said...

Great post!! I love hearing how many in this small, yet growing, Kyrg circle have learned about their little one/s.

Congrats on this milestone moment. Wow, how time flies, huh?

Lisa B and Family said...

What a great post! Wow a year!
I am so appreciative for all of the pioneering that so many of you have done to pave the way for all of us to come. We are very fortunate that you were willing to reach out to your beautiful children. Thank you!
Lisa B

imtina said...

Oh my goodness!! It really has been a year, hasn't it? It's all amazing how it unfolds and evolves. Beck will always have a special place in my heart. I'm so glad for your blog that I can always share in your happiness and see him grow, grow, grow!


Lori said...

He's so amazing! In one year, we hope to be where you are now! Thank you for sharing your story!

Hilary Marquis said...

My how he has changed! I think my favorite change in the HUGE smile this little guy had now :)

Hilary Marquis said...

My how he has changed! I think my favorite change in the HUGE smile this little guy had now :)

Ivy Lee said...

What a great post. I admit that following your blog right from the beginning of our process was one of the inspirations that kept me going. I would often be affected by your joys, hurts, frustrations, and just plain comical moments, as we decided if this was right for us. Seeing you and your family and following your journey to Beck helped us seal the deal, both in choosing to adopt and in choosing Kygyzstan. So I guess I can say that Beck is one of our heroes and one day, I hope I can tell Dylan the story of how one special little boy inspired us to find him and bring him home.

smileysk8 said...

What a sweetheart!