Monday, March 31, 2008


Yeah, I know. I've been a real loser when it comes to updating my blog but we've been super busy.
We have a new member of the family! His name is Storm (Harbourtown Damien) and he sure is a sweet handsome boy!

To go with my new black horse I got a new BIG BLACK TRUCK!!!! Beck LOVES cruising in "Mama's truck". It's a big deal to him.

And amidst all this excitement I got to get away on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas while Joe held down the farm and the kids. He did a great job, but I think I didn't come home a minute too soon for him!

And for those who are keep tally, Beck spent another evening in the emergency room after a failed attempt of flight and hit his head on his train table which, somehow, went all the way through his ear! Yeah, it looked as bad as it sounds. 8 stitches later, I'm really considering fitting him with a helmet! So the grand stitch total is now 15 (I think). Sheesh! Enough already!

Other than all that, we're still waiting for spring! And yes, it's snowing here.. AGAIN!


janiece said...

Ah yes--boys and the emergency room. Shush--don't tell anyone but that's really why I switched my speciality from dialysis to peds. I figured it would be easier and cheaper! Also, with the hockey seasons--I need to be ready!
Yes, it's also snowing here! AGAIN--ALWAYS! Spring? yeah right!

Kate said...

Oh Mala - he is a beautiful horse!!!

Maria said...

The horse is extremely handsome!!! And I'm so sorry to hear about Beck's new trauma. I was told early on at the ER to "expect to return". I think they know which ones are the really life grabbers!!

Hilary Marquis said...

What a pretty new "puppy"! So, Beck is at again, huh? Maybe you should get him a football helmet and full set of pads. Or perhaps a bubble wrap suit! Toby slipped and fell in the bathroom tonight and clocked his head on the toilet. (I was suprised he didn't crack the toilet with that hard head of his!) Poor little guy has quite the goose egg. Boys will be boys :)

Jackie said...

Poor Beck!!! I guess boys will be boys :)

Sorry we missed each other this time. Next time ;)

Congrats on the new addition to your family!!!

Marnie said...

Jyly keeps trying to catch up to Beck but, someone always seems to catch her before she hits the floor. Your new boy is handsome and I bet he didn't cost as much!