Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Beck was baptized last Sunday, April 20th. He was quite handsome in his little man suit and was a champ through the entire service. Since he was the only big boy amongst infants, Father had him stand on a chair. Of course my first thoughts were of shear panic, will he fall into the font? Or off the chair, head first onto the marble floor. This is my life with Beck. But luckily, neither options occurred and he was such a good boy. Father, noticing a new scrape on Beck's face, did an extra prayer that God would help him avoid any more trips to the ER. Amen!


Hilary Marquis said...

He just keeps getting cuter! I miss the little 'bout you move to my neck of the woods?

janiece said...

HAHA-he looks so cute!
I can beat you on this one. Julia tried to go swimming during her baptism.
Want to compare scraps and scratches? Alihan's got a split lip from rough-housing with his brother and sister. At least the road rash is clearing up. I swear him and Beck must have challenged them at the orphanage!

Jackie said...

He is getting cuter and cuter ;) And so handsome in his suit, too!