Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pee Pee Dance of Joy!!!

What could be better than your daughter writing a profanity-filled tale about a girl who loved a peacock? Well, let me tell you. It's your son going to school in big boy underwear AND coming home in the same big boy undies!!!! DRY!!! Yay!
After another poo filled day at school I finally had had enough! Beck doesn't wear pull ups at home anymore and the fact that he seemed to be utterly unaware of the mere existence of a toilet the minute he arrives at school just about sent me over the edge. So today I told him the gig was up! No more diapers at school pal! So he dressed himself in his big boy whitey tighties and when we arrived at school I told the teachers, with Beck, that he no longer uses diapers and he WILL go potty in the toilet. I know I sound like such a mean Mommy, but Beck is smart as a whip and fully capable of using the bathroom. I gave him a hug and a kiss, told him to have a good day and then swiftly exited, thinking 'please, oh please, oh please!!!!!!'
I arrived just after 5pm to pick him up. I was hoping there wouldn't be a pile of plastic shopping bags full of Beck's soiled clothes waiting for me in his cubby, and Beck donning the school's 'walk of shame' lender clothes.
But much to my surprise and shear pleasure there he was, still in the same clothes he put on this morning (geesh, when was the last time that happened!) AND dry undies! I quickly asked the teacher, 'did he do it? did he do it?' before even greeting her properly. She smiled widely and said 'Beck, show Mommy your stamps.' He lifted his arm to show stamps all over for every time he used the potty. There were a lot of stamps, but hell I didn't care if they gave him a tattoo and piercing for every time he didn't poo his pants!!!
I'm so happy for him. So happy that the teachers now see what I've been swearing he can do for months!
Our cruise is in 2 weeks. I think Mickey's gonna be proud!


Ivy Lee said...

Mala, I would say congrats to Beck but really, it's congrats to you for finally calling the bluff and winning. I am amazed at how smart Beck is at his age. I remember when you mentioned they listed on his medicals that he was "retarded" or some crazy thing like that. They are obviously so full of it and completely wrong. He seems amazingly smart.

Jackie said...

Yayyy, Mala!! And good job, Beck!!

Bye bye pull ups ;)

janiece said...

YAAAHHHH!!! It's a wonderful feeling--and no walk of shame! You're well on your way to keeping ahead of your boy!