Saturday, November 7, 2009

Showin' Mine

The Fantabulous Bevalicious shamed dared us to bare all on Friday... our desks that is. (relax you pervs!)
Of course Bev has nothing to hide. She has a neat and tidy workspace. Everything in its place. I know this first hand because I occasionally drop in after hours and write inappropriate messages on her phone message pad. What?
My "workspace" on the other hand consists of a cubby. Yes, a wee cabinet of a desk from which I manage 2 businesses and more importantly, do all my blog-stalking. Add to it's obscene wee-ness, the fact the kids use it as a dumping ground for every single painting, drawing, homework, notes from teachers and other pieces of crap they don't feel like finding a proper place for and there's no way to avoid disaster.
Joe often complains about how messy my "desk" is but I'm always quick to remind him that he has a real desk (you know, with writing surface and no doors!) here at the house, PLUS a 400+ sq ft office (WITH ANOTHER DESK - Yes, I have desk envy), PLUS his assistant has her own office with... wait for it.... a real frickin' desk!!! I HAVE LESS THAN 2 SQUARE FEET OF SPACE!!!! GET OFF MY GD BACK!!!!!!!

*breath* *breath*

Whew, sorry about that. Ummmm, I guess I may have some issues there.

Anyhoo, with out further warning delay *gulp* I present to you my *cough* desk.

OK, STOP SCREAMING! I know, horrible.

Alright, I'll give you a tour. Seriously, don't stand up, we're not going far.
First, my lovely Dell... my old Dell which still possess all my e-mail addresses and website favorites so I'm sorta blackmailed into continuing the relationship.
Let's see, the thing on the keyboard, that's a bill I need to pay. Because it's sitting on the laptop that's essentially my priority file. The pile of crap to the right of it is stuff my kids leave on my "desk" or things I'll get around to...but not right now. We'll call that my "low priority" file.
Let's see, the crap stuck on the doors is the stuff I need to be able to find for a later date, but can't put into the "low priority" file cause that shit just gets lost.
What else.... oh my moisturizer; two kinds, because sometimes my skin just feels dry. And when I want to moisturize, I want it now.

So there you have it. my craptastic workspace. *sigh* it's kinda depressing.

Maybe next time I'll just flash ya.


Stuart said...

Oh my. That's like, it's um, oh hey! There's the water bill!

I wish I could show you mine, but I'm between offices right now.

Wait ...

I can still do this.

wv: vespho, which is an Italian scooter that runs on Vietnamese food

Samsmama said...

Over there on the right, on the door, what the hell is that a picture of? It looks like a naked person on a toilet. But keep in mind my vision is terrible and I'm wined up a bit, so I could be way off. But, really, that's what it looks like. The picture above the printer is confusing as well. Just what kind of businesses are you running?

LMAO @ Stuart. As usual.

Coffeypot said...

I'm a perv, flash away.

But I was very concerned about your workspace. Was anybody killed in the explosion? Was it a terrorist attack or just a gas leak?

Mala said...

Stuart - oh god... I should delete this post shouldn't I? I'm going to wake up tomorrow and not even respect myself.

Samsmama - YOU CLICKED ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT!?! Are you kidding me? Is it not scary enough already without making it the size of a bedsheet and checking out the scary-ness in greater detail?!
OK, the picture on the right is of my Dad... I assure you he's NOT NAKED. Morgan insisted I hang it up.
Secondly, kudos to you for being able to recognize that there's a printer under that shit! You deserve some kind of prize. (I said deserve, NOT receiving... just to be clear). Anyway, it's a picture of one of my friends and his wee peanut of a premie baby. I love the picture but it's also serving as an experiment. I printed the picture on that photo fabric when she was born. I just want to see how well the fabric holds the image over time. She's now 5 years old, and the image is pretty faded... in case you were interested.
more shit than I'm sure you wanted to know... but you asked.

Mala said...

Coffeypot - stick around, it might happen.
No one's been hurt yet. Well, not seriously. A few avalanches... unfortunately my laptop wasn't victim. Damn.

I promise, the rest of the house DOES NOT look like this. I swear! Bev, back me up! Please don't call that show "Hoarders" and plot an intervention on me.

Stuart said...

On a side note - what service did you use for your blog background? I wanna upgrade mine ...


wv: proacryal - which means I'm very fond of SuperGlue components

Mala said...

Stuart - ummmmm, what site did I use for my background??? Hold on, I think it's on a sticky note here on my desk...... No that's not it..... is it under here... ewwwwwww, something sticky! Damn kids! Just a minute Stuart, I'm sure it's here somewhere... Oh hey look, last year's Christmas cards... I thought I mailed those. Note to self: Scratch off 2009, write 2010.
ummmmm, well, Stuart I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.

Elliott said...

I understand this, you have far more workspace than I do at home (which is why I'm typing this while sitting at the coffee table.) and I don't really think this is all that awful. And yes, I blew the picture up as well, but it's just Samsmama - I don't see any nudity. And yes, I looked.

And I really think I need a Vespho.

WV: fywre. As in 'this desk isn't nearly as much a fywre hazzawd as my office'. Now I'm off to take pictures.

Bev said...

Mala, you are the wind beneath my wings! I love that you shared your *cough* work space even though it's... um... how to put this tactfully? Cluttered? Yes, I'm going with cluttered.

Definitely NOT the workings of a mad scientist/A Beautiful Mind kind of crazy person. No, not at all.

Oh, and to back you up - YES, Mala's house is as neat as a pin. It has to be or else her husband wakes her up at midnight to finish dusting the tops of furniture that no one can ever see. Truth. Of course, the MAID helps. Ahem.

*muah* Love my Malomatic. :)

janiece said...

Oh how I can relate, And I don't dare take a picture of my messy work area because I'm afraid that the city of Madison would come and write me a large fine for the mess I have!

calicobebop said...

Looks homey to me! Lived in, you know. Not a place where someone would be afraid to put a school paper or set a drink down. :)

Cary said...

I think I saw Jimmy Hoffa in there somewhere.

Ha, just kidding. That desk needs more shit on it, srsly. Crappy kids' artwork is a great clutterer. I get tons of it... and throw it away once the kid has gone to bed. What can I say, I'm sentimental.

Mala said...

Elliott - When are you picking me up on your vespho?

Bev - Cluttered, yes I think we'll go with cluttered. I need to go yell at the staff now.

Janiece - I swear, I clean it up for my post placement visits. Would they make me return Beck if I had a messy desk? Hell, I survived a dossier, I think that entitles me to a messy desk for the rest of my life!

Calicobop - Ohhhhhhh, "lived in"! I like that much better. Thank you. Unfortunately, no drinks allowed. That would require a flat surface, and well, I don't have it.

Cary - Jimmy? Ohhhhhh that's what that smell is.
I have kinda a hard time tossing all the loving little notes and drawings my kids make for me, so I put them in Joe's way... and voila, they disappear (like dance shoes).

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