Thursday, February 11, 2010


ahhhhhh, life is sweet.

Howdy Hey, lovely peeps. I'm baaaaack. We had a fantabulous vacation cruising around the Caribbean. And since I'm buried under Mount St. Laundry, I'll let the pictures do the talking, k?

Feeding "Tucker" and his ducky friends, but moreover, pissing off the neighbors.

Hanging out on Ft. Lauderdale beach.

Enjoying our balcony on the Dawn.
Was this the picture Joe said I could NOT post under any condition?? *shrugs*

The counselors at the kids' club seemed to enjoy painting Beck every night. Staggering back to your cabin with a tired kid that needs a bath before he can go to sleep... I think they hated us or something.
a kid-size buffet. This is the munchkin version of winning the lotto.
My little fish.

Dominican Republic

Check out our ride. Safety.. pshhhh! I laugh in it's face.


While on board, we met two couples that each had 2 kids around the same age as Beck and Morgan. The 12 of us became quick friends and spent much of the cruise together.

Aya and Morgan Table for 12


St. Kitts Beck made a little friend in St. Kitts


The crew at NCL take freestyling to a whole new level.
And speaking of freestyling, Joe decided to jump on stage and bust out some stones (Rolling Stones, that is) with one of the ship's bands.
Well that's it. Thanks for sitting through my family vacation slide show. More chips? I promise, I'll get back to my regular scheduled blogging as soon as I find the laundry room floor.


Bev said...

Welcome home! I missed you, obv.

Great pics! You all look so tan and healthy! Unlike my pasty, sickly-looking clan of cave-dwellers.

Work it, Morgan! Great pics!!

JennyMac said...

Welcome back! GORGEOUS pics.

MtnMama said...

Looks like heaven! Such great pictures. Thanks for sharing. (nice tan, Mala!)

Frank Irwin said...

Joe didn't want you posting that picture, but was ok with you posting the kareoke (whatever) video? Heh.

"Fantabulous" was an answer in today's NYT crossword puzzle, BTW.

Looks like y'all had a great time! Were you able to see the shuttle launch?

WV: anchr

Elliott said...

Love it. Balcony is the only way to cruise, and the picture of Beck in St. Kitts is fantastic.

Glad you had a great time, more gladder(er?) that you made it home safely.

WV: tathro - One of the lesser-known Beverly Hillbillies

Brian Miller said...

that is amazing facepainting. ft lauderdale is a great place looks like had a blast!

janiece said...

I want to come with you next year. I might even bring the kids. Maybe--nah!!!

Lee said...

Beck's smile = contagious

Joe's singing = less contagious ;)

Mala being in Ft. Lauderdale and not seeing Alicia = >:[

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Sounds like an awesome cruise!

Jackie said...

Great pics. Welcome Home!! We will see you next time :)

Mala said...

Bev - I missed ya too! And no one rocks the pasty(-ies) like you! (*snicker*)

JennyMac - Thank you

MtnMama - Thankfully, no burns this time. RED is NOT my color.

Frank - Joe doesn't read this blog so, heh. That'll teach him. And no we didn't get to see the launch. My MIL was supposed to wake us up *smacks forehead*, but honestly, by then, I didn't give a crap.

Elliott - Having the balcony was pure heaven. Not sure I could go back to an inside stateroom now (oh hell yes I could! If it meant going on a cruise! I'd sleep in a lifeboat!)

Brian - I lived there during my misspent youth. Lots and lots of fun.

Janiece - two words "kids club"!

Lee - Well you went up to Boston when I went down to Lauderdale! What's up with that!!!

Momto2angels - it was!!!

Jackie - I can't believe we missed each other AGAIN!!!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh--aren't cruises THE best???? You guys look like you had so much fun!!!

Oh, btw, we had EPIC amounts of snow. But I'm not ONE bit jealous of you.

Not one.

Well, maybe a little.

onebadmamajama said...

Thanks for sharing:) I've always wanted to go on a cruise and now, I want to even more!

Glad you are back:)

Deb G. said...

Glad your back and had a good time. It's cold here in Florida. In the 30's tonight. Tell Joe not to quit his day job. Luv you all.

Asthma Treatment said...

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