Saturday, December 15, 2007

News from the Frosty NorthEast!

We've been busy with everything Christmas lately (although don't even ask me if I've finished my gift shopping... groan). Beck is very excited about Christmas but I'm pretty sure he has no idea why.

The day after Thanksgiving we went out and cut a beautiful Blue Spruce for our Christmas tree. I think the kids' favorite part was getting pulled around in the sled (sans snow, mind you).

That night we all had fun decorating the tree. Beck took care of placing many ornaments on the very bottom of the tree. The kids did a great job despite the fact the Blue Spruces are known for their ability to fight back and this tree was no different. It was like decorating a big tree of hypodermic needles, but on the upside, we really haven't had to remind Beck to not play with the tree.. OUCH!

We were hit with a pretty good snow storm last week and the kids took full advantage.

Last week we took a horse drawn sleigh ride to go visit Santa. At first Beck wasn't sure he liked this jolly, rotund, fleece-wearing guy with the odd facial hair. When Beck started to cry Santa sat down beside him and comforted him, spending the majority of the party at Beck's side. It was a super sweet gesture, however, Beck's cries seemed to summon the attention of every character at the party and all of a sudden 8 grown adults donning big stuffed furry costumes were staggering towards Beck like a freakish scene from 'Night of the Living Dead', this of course didn't help the situation at all. But then Beck spotted Frosty the Snowman and some other non-descript character having a moment of PDA and he jumped up yelling "huggie, huggie", obviously wanting a peice of the action, and from that point on everyone was a-okay in Beck's book. Santa even sat with Beck and Morgan on the way back to the farm.

Beck busting up some PDA between Frosty and.... who ever that thing is.

And I had to share this picture. Beck's hair really has grown and he's currently rockin' a faux-hawk!


Jackie said...

I love the pic of your kids in the cute!!!

Scarlett_333 said...

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A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

Faux hauks rule! You are the coolest mom...I can't wait until JJ's hair gets long enough to do the same!

P.S. - I tagged you - check out my blog.


Gen & John said...

The Hawk is amazing!! Beck is getting big!! He looks great and I love the snow pictures!!

Ivy Lee said...

Talk about great-looking kids!!!
They are so cute, and I am a fan of the faux-hawk headed Beck.