Tuesday, December 11, 2007

RIP Susie Sunshine

Today is a very sad day as I learned that one of my all time favorite bloggers is hanging up her keyboard. Seriously, you need to check this woman out. I admit, I can truly relate to her snarky, foul-mouthed, but-oh-so-accurate take on life and motherhood. I can't say I have ever felt like I've fit in with the "Mother crowd". I have no interest in swapping recipes or getting good hints on how to remove that mystery stain, and I couldn't care less if your child is solely on a soy-based, totally organic, no transfat, no sugar, no preservative diet while my kids' wolf down their 2nd McMeal of the day. Yes, at just about any mother-ly setting or gathering, I definitely feel like the odd square peg. Reading Susie's curse-filled antidotes made me smile daily and reassured me that there are more than one standard of a 'good Mother'.
Yes, my internal monologue often reads much like her posts, but not quite as poetic, and maybe a few more superfluous curse words.

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