Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

I'm so behind in my blogging duties, but for very good reasons. Hilary and her daughter Mia came to visit and welcome home one of Beck's old Tokmok roommates Aidai. Hilary and I had first met Aidai on Trip #1 in June 2007 when the orphanage director gave us permission to take pictures of a few kids that were looking for forever homes. The following August I got to see Aidai again when my Mom and I went to pick up Beck. She grabbed ahold of my Mom and didn't want her to leave. It's been something that has pulled at my heart ever since. She yearned for a family of her own, it was very clear. By luck, or by fate, that family ended up living near me! And on Friday Elizabeth flew home with Aidai by her side. Hilary and I, with kids in tow, being the unofficial KG-Welcoming committee, were there at Logan. The rest is better told in pictures... Beck, Morgan and Mia ready and waiting Bill Finally sees Elizabeth and Aidai! Aidai was all smiles in the arms of her Daddy! Meeting her brother Josh for the first time
Beck couldn't wait to say Hi to his ol' friend! They clearly remembered each other! At about 5 seconds, listen closely as Aidai calls Beck by his original name 'Aibek'.

WELCOME HOME AIDAI!!!!!! Congratulations Bill, Elizabeth, Josh and Aidai. Give us a call as soon as you're ready for a playdate!!!

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Bev said...

This post made me cry! I especially love the look on her brother's face when he met her, and of course, her saying "Aibek" is beyond sweet. What a wonderful homecoming!

Thanks for sharing.