Monday, October 20, 2008

Saved Twice

We got word that Benji was able to hop a flight on Thursday night! It was a long night of delays and slow downs in the cargo unloading but I was notified by the good people at SCAR (Second Chance Animal Rescue) that he was safe and in good spirits, in fact the volunteer was just gushing about how sweet he is and far cuter and softer than his picture would lead you to believe. She took him home where he'd spend some time in quarantine, then visit the vet on Saturday for his state certificate and we could pick him up on Sunday. We were all very excited to meet our new family member! His bed is ready (although Morgan has decided he'll sleep with her in her bed) and his dog bowl, toys and treats also await him.

Then Saturday we got a call from Benji's temporary Foster Mom. He had been having trouble urinating and they rushed him to the animal hospital where x-rays were taken and 5 kidney stones were discovered lodged in his urethra. They quickly decided to catheterize him but because they didn't know what kind of damage his kidneys may have already sustained, they were forced to do the painful procedure without sedatives. At this point the vet advised the rescue that it may be just easier to euthanize Benji, but that proved to not be an option as Benji proceeded to lick the vet's face despite the obvious pain he was experiencing. It was then that both the rescue and the animal hospital knew that he was something very special and they had to help him fight for his life, and save him for a second time.

They sent Benji home with the president of the rescue but Benji managed to remove his catheter. Luckily one of the vet techs had given him her home phone number, so he called her immediately and she met Benji and the Doctor at the hospital where they reinserted the catheter. Then the vet tech and the vet took turns hosting Benji in their own homes! Needless to say, I can't say enough good things about the vet and staff at Wilton Animal Hospital! To say they have gone above and beyond is an understatement!

This morning Benji went into surgery. I called to check on him before his procedure and every staff member I spoke to ohhh'd and awww'd about how wonderful of a dog he is. They all said that despite the trauma he's experienced and the incredible pain he is in, he is completely loving, happy dog. He has won all of their hearts.

I'm happy to report he came out of surgery fine and will once again go home with the vet tech who will give him round the clock TLC.

The wonderful people at SCAR has told me that I'm in no way obligated to go through with our adoption of Benji. They understood if I didn't want to take a dog that had already found himself in the animal hospital before I even got a chance to meet him. I told them that he's a member of our family, through good and bad. Besides, it's not the first time I've fallen in love with a broken, busted down animal. In fact, the best animals have often come into my life at their lowest point and have bloomed into the best companions anyone could ask for. SCAR has thanked me over and over for sticking with Benji, but it is them who need to be thanked. They have been amazing and have undoubtedly saved Benji's life not once, but twice. It is truly amazing how far they have gone for a single dog. One life. A life worth saving.


Jackie S said...

Love it!!! Yayy Benji!! I can't wait to read that he is home with his new family. He clearly wanted to survive and this is certainly going to be a happy story :)

Hilary Marquis said...

What a trooper! Poor little guy. I wish we could meet him this weekend...oh well, next time ;) You should tell the people with SCAR that you can handle anything, you've adopted from Kyrgyzstan!