Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Horses Shouldn't Climb Ladders

This will be the last time Joe leaves anything unattended within the reach of the horses!
While he went to grab more waterseal, one of the horses (*cough* Eclipse *cough*) decided to put his hoof on the second rung and try to climb. Yeah, I guess it's not rated for 1,000 pounds! Who knew.

In other news, we're having some tasty steaks tonight...


This weekend Joe and I ran away enjoyed a little childless getaway in Boston. We stayed in the lovely Hyatt in the heart of the city. As I settled into the uber-soft and comfy bed, I looked forward to not having to get up early. Yes that fact alone justifies taking off and shelling out a small fortune. I smiled as I thought of a morning where I'd wake up just by the shear power and will of my well-rested body. I would rise without some tyke's hot breathe in my face asking me for some Eggo's. Oh the peace, the sweet tranquility.

...until about 4:55am when the DAMN FIRE ALARM went off!

Now I know what you're thinking..."haven't I heard this story before?". Why yes, yes you have!!!! A mere six months ago at my last stay at a luxury getaway!
So I schlepped 9 floors down, stood on the street while an annoyed group of firemen never even got out of their truck. Then they simply drove away. I took this to be the "all clear" signal and hoofed it back up the 9 flights... panting, tired and sporting the best of the "bed-head" style.

Note to self: next hotel stay I won't bother to get into my PJ's, but instead go to bed fully clothed, wearing my jacket and clutching my purse. It'll just make my eventual shuffle outside into the cold dark night that more convenient.


Frank Irwin said...

Schaudenfreud is such a wonderful thing, Mala, thanks for that post!

Mala said...

Hey Franky, anything for you dear.

Samsmama said...

That picture is hilarious! And it took me entirely too long to get the joke about eating steak.

And unless I saw flames I would have stayed in bed. I love my sleep a bit too much.

MtnMama said...

oh, Mala! How truly awful. I treasure my sleep too much to lightly dismiss your plight. Of course, I have YET to experience a "childfree weekend" - let's face it, I have yet to experience a childfree night, so I live vicariously through my more fortunate friends.
Way to kill the buzz, Fire Gods.

oh, and the horse cracked me up, too.

Michelle said...

I can't believe no one has made the obvious comment about how smokin' hot you are that you set off fire alarms in hotels across the northeastern US. Duh...

onebadmamajama said...

Just think of what a great picture you might have had should the ladder held up! lol

Sorry to hear about the fire alarm. I might be with the stay til you see flames crowd...except those alarms are so damn loud and annoying!

Lori said...

Ok...I meant to ask before but now must...when the fire alarm goes off needlessly and wakes patrons in the wee hours of the morning, do you get *any* sort of compensation? Room reduction? Breakfast on them? A nice bottle of wine? Or, is it pretty much two slaps across the face and they call it even?

Bev said...

HA!! Poor Eclipse. On the other hand, I'll bet he was delicious. Save me a corner piece!

You forgot to mention that you called my sleeping ass at the Hyatt at 5 AM and I had already decided I'd rather burn to death than walk down 17 flights of stairs to be told it was a false alarm. Heh heh. Lazyness pays off yet again! I rule.

PorkStar said...

haha wow, poor horse, i hope he/she didnt get hurt.

A getaway weekend without the kids and stuff? hmmm

Being awaken by "some alarm" ?? suuuuuure thing...

9 Months later, I'm sure i'll remember this post.

: )

(howdy Maaaaaaaaala!)

JennyMac said...

That picture is unbelievable! I hope no one is hurt.

And look you all hotty boombalotty setting of alarms.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't count when you pay someone to pull the alarm so that you have blogging material.... I'm just sayin.

Mala said...

Samsmama - Despite the delay, I'm glad you got it. I think they're called steaks... or are they chops? I'll have to google that shit.

MtnMama - I HIGHLY recommend some good ol' fashion child-free time! It's the only time I can complete a thought or a sentence.

Michelle - THANK YOU!!! You'd think my pervy peeps would have been all over that one!

OBMJ - Yes, damn horses! That would have been an awesome picture!

Lori - NADDA!!! ZERO! ZIP!!!! The hotels practically blame you (as a guest)!

Bev - I debated whether or not to 'out' you as one of those people that tweak your nose at danger. But you were on the 17th floor! I don't blame you for not hiking down (and moreover UP) all those flights! Besides, like I said, I was totally prepared to catch you should it resort to you jumping out your window.

Porkstar - SHUT YOUR MOUTH! No way Jose! Besides, after hiking up 9 flights, that's enough physical activity...thankyouverymuch!

Jennymac - No fears. No horses were injured... though my husband was tempted.

Courtney - Yeah, the blogger file has been fairly empty lately. Actually, not really... just been too damn lazy to write.

Cary said...

I distinctly remember leaving a previous comment for this post. Hmm. Censored? Oh well, it happens.

Mala said...

Blogger is being a bitch! Yes you did, something about your MIL staying off ladders, yes? Sonofa! I'm sure I had a witty response... that had NOTHING to do with my MIL.

No censoring around here!

Cary said...

Yeah, she's my go-to butt of jokes.