Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh How the Vino Flows

Monday again, eh? Fabulous. How was your weekend? Mine was great... so I hear.

Saturday night I hosted a soiree with La Bev + family and introduced them to another family that we knew The Bevs would really like. When their first conversation was about poo, we knew we had a match made in heaven.

We tossed the 6 kids some pizza, sugary juice boxes and a face painting kit and hardly heard from the wild banshees again for a solid 5 hours while they destroyed my house. I'm sure the feeling of blissful freedom was mutual.

In a related story, I'm now an unemployed wino wine consultant. Sadly, my distributor abruptly closed shop... which leaves me with cases of wines. I know, so sad, right? Thank goodness I have good friends to help me remedy such a situation.

And remedy it, we did.

But never to be a hostess who runs out of anything, I lost my mind also picked up a box (gasp!)of wine... you know, just in case.

Two things I don't want my guests leaving with; empty stomachs and my good silver their sobriety. Let's just say, I succeed on both accounts.

In fact, sadly, it took me almost an hour to notice our dear friend E had slipped into a catatonic state in the kitchen.

What? I was busy rockin' out on the Guitar Hero.

But like all good things, the party came to an end around 1am when we all tried scrubbing our children clean (face paint + unsupervised children = FAIL). I fell asleep to the sounds of Joe scrubbing colorful little fingerprints off the walls.

Five hours later I woke up to the dreaded Carton Du Vin headache and the recollection of promising a friend we'd go horseback riding in the morning. I dragged myself out to the barn to feed the horses and get ready to ride. I'm not sure I've ever vomited on a horse, so I pleaded with Storm that I wouldn't yack on him if he'd just go all cruise control for me... oh and don't let me fall off. Deal.

Of course, I probably could have cancelled, but that's so not like me.

Luckily, the crisp fresh air and a healthy dose of Tylenol seemed to do the trick and I had a fabulous ride.

And no yacking.


Bev said...

OMG! Hilarity, Malomatic! Borat & Amy W. rule!

Great time, as always! Sorry 'bout your house.... ;)

Elliott said...

I'm down to a scant two cases of wine here, once we move (and I don't have to truck it cross-country) we'll talk.

janiece said...

5 hours of not hearing from 6 young children? I'd say the face paint was well worth it--especially if Joe had to scrub it off the walls--actually more then worth it!
Damn I wish we lived closer!

MtnMama said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! Considering what your house has been through lately, I'd say a little "unscheduled" wall painting was low on the disaster list.

Coffeypot said...

Drink copious amounts of booze and not yack???? How do you do that? I have to grab my ass to keep from throwing it up, too. That's why I limit myself to one or two bottles of Jack or a case of beer. I'm a lite weight.

Maria said...

OMG you crack me up!! I needed that laugh.

Nancy said...

At least Amy doesn't have to wear a helmet with that do. Her head is definitely protected in case of a fall.

Mala said...

Bevers - Awesome time! What's this with you giving up drinking (for awhile). That sounds like a quitter! I'll have none of that!
And no worries about the house, your house has taken a beatin' from the ruggies too.

Elliott - You need help? We'll be right down.

Janiece - you're absolutely right. I wonder how many hours of peace we'd get if we gave them permenant markers, lighters and a few dozen foreworks.
And yes, you should live closer!

MtnMama - excellent point! With trees in the bathroom and a pool in our basement, who'd notice a little face=paint smeared walls?

Coffey - what can we say, we're pros.

Maria - glad I could help!

Elliott said...

We've been trying for a bottle or two a week, had a great '02 from southern France with Sunday's dinner. I'm back home on the 10th and I'm sure I'll be drinking another few. Not bad, since we were around 45 bottles that I'd been collecting and cellaring, and one of my friends keeps mailing me more.

Not that I'd mind other people mailing me wine.

Lori said...

Facepaint on walls just adds to the charm, right?