Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got Wood?

As one of my funny (and insanely hot) friends pointed out, "Jilted tree attacks log cabin Ex.". Nice, eh?

But I've gotten ahead of myself...

So Thursday night I decided to treat myself to a warm bubble bath in our claw foot tub; relaxing and enjoying a good book. Ahhhhhhh, life is good.

About 11:30pm I feel like a shriveled prune notice the weather outside had taken a turn for the worse as the wind and rain really started to get out of control. The weatherman did mention something earlier about a high wind warning, but in all honesty, in the past few days, he had also called for snow, which we didn't get and rain storms - that were nothing more than a few trickles, so basically, we had all stopped listening to the fool. But as the wind went from a howl to the sounds of a rabid pack of crazed beasts, I decided my relaxation time was over and headed to bed.

No less than 5 minutes later, a deafening crash and the entire house rocked. Naturally, I screamed a pitch I never knew was possible and ran for the kids' bedrooms. Despite the fact the enormous BOOM came from nearby their rooms, they hadn't even so much as opened their eyes. From room to room, I scooped up the kids, threw each over my shoulder and ran downstairs.

Joe had been in the kitchen and met me at the bottom of the stairs. From the sound and shaking of the house he expected the second floor of the house to be smashed into oblivion.

Of course, it was pitch black outside, and along with the KABOOM, so went our electricity. As Joe grabbed a flashlight and headed outside, I peered up through the glass ceiling of my sunroom, "ummmm, I think that's a tree".

The storm, which later was reported to have winds of 94mph, continued and we could hear other trees cracking and falling. We decided to all bunk in our room, thinking it would be safely away from any further damage. But it was far from a rest full night.

In the morning we finally got to view the full extent of the damage. A 125" pine tree actually got up-rooted and the entire beast fell on our shed and house, right where my claw foot tub sits. But thankfully, it didn't fall 2 feet to the right, missing the shed and wiping out my beloved sunroom. Yeah, that would have sucked.

So by Saturday, Joe decided to fly the coop and use the down time for some skiing in Colorado. By lunch, the kids were pissing me off with their power of annoyance bored out of their minds and were rescued by Grammie and Bumpa. So it was just me, the hole in the roof and the hum of the generator.

Four days later, the superheroes from PSNH and Comcast ran new wires and plugged my house back into the grid. Oh sweet, wonderful grid, how I missed thee.


Bev said...

I'm just so glad you guys are okay. No jokes here. That is some scary shite.


Samsmama said...

Very scary, indeed! Glad you are all ok!

Kate said...

Yikes! Glad you guys (and the sunroom) are ok!

Elliott said...

I said it before, I'll say it again. Ouch.

So glad everyone was safe and the damage wasn't worse.

Mala said...

Thanks guys! We were very lucky.
Now I need to go postal on my lame-ass insurance company.

MtnMama said...

Yes, what everyone else said: So glad you're all ok, and that the damage wasn't worse. Good luck with the insurance company - I've had the WORST luck when I owned a house. I had squirrels eat my attic wiring and thousands of $ in damage that was declared an act of god, and hail wrecked my roof and it was denied. Other stuff too. Be a pit bull, take no prisoners!

Samsmama said...

Hey, did you happpen to see on FB where I said what probably seemed like a snarky comment along the lines of "Please don't tell me that's a Jeep Liberty" but you didn't respond? Anyhoo, now that I can click and make it full screen size (because the eyes failed me at a young age) I can see where it full on *says* Liberty on the side. My point? I am SO EFFING JEALOUS! I had one (possibly that same color, sorta hard to tell, green/khaki-ish?) but, long story, it went away with my ex. Man, I loved that thing. :( That is all.

Mala said...

Hey Samsmama - Sorry, yes I did see that but I'm such a loosah and forgot to reply. It is a Liberty. It was mine up until we bought the SS LandHog (AKA my big black truck), so Joe now has the Liberty. I still drive the Beepy Jeepy every once in a while just to remember what it's like to fit into parking spaces.

Jackie said...

Super happy to know you guys are ok!! But, WOW, what a sight! I hope that you have an easy time dealing with the insurance stuff.

dogimo said...

What a nightmare. Thank God nobody got hurt!

Is the clawfoot tub OK?

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