Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bing and Bong

Recently Joe and I were reminded of a TV show Joe and I Morgan was obsessed with when she was a wee tyke. "Tiny Planets" was a show that proved that kids' programs are really written and produced by masochistic druggies.

* the main characters are "Bing" and "Bong"... I guess "Puff" and "Stoner" would be too inappropriate.
* ALL the other characters are called Flockers. For those with toddlers, go ahead and ask them to say the word "Flockers". I'll wait. Nice, huh? Now imagine your kids cheering every morning "FAWKERS! FAWKERS! FAWKERS!"
* Bing and Bong travel the universe on their couch. Yeah, they like just sitting on their couch. And eating. They always seem to be hungry.
* And as if all of their creative might was spent on naming their characters, there is no dialogue. Bing, or Bong - really I don't know which is which- occasionally coos. Their writers ROCK.
* The big one wears a ManPurse ("It's a satchel!"). NTTAWWT. Oh wait, yes there is.

But despite the show making us look like horrible parents, (" No, Mrs. Pre-school Teacher, she was called little Timmy a 'Flocker' ") it was mesmerizing. We couldn't stop watching it. And their theme song is still stuck in my head all these years later. Catchy little diddy. Flockers!

So for it's lack of any real educational value, and it's rampant drug references, one has to wonder; who writes this stuff? And moreover, how do they get it actually produced and ON TV.

After about a year, Bing and Bong seemingly disappeared from the morning kiddie programing. And from the looks of it, is now being enjoyed in Germany. Tiny Planets and Hasselhoff, they take all our crap, don't they?


Frank Irwin said...

I've never heard of Bing and Bong, but that looks pretty cool!

Michelle said...

I totally missed bing and bong...but there seem to be a lot of kids shows that fit into this category! thank you for allowing me to enter into the world of bing and bong!

Bev said...

I would totally watch that! I think it must have been created by the same folks who bring us Yo Gabba Gabba!

MtnMama said...

Never had a clue that was out there, but yeah - kid's shows have a decided drug-influenced element to them. Beats a creepy old guy talking to children with a puppet on his knee, but I think we have to thank Sid & Marty for everything that's come since!

And as a mom who has lived through countless children's programs, this theme song is one of the better ones.
I did so like the Baby Channel (as M called it) and kind of missed it when she got older and moved on to Noggin. Lots of Swedish stuff. Pretty cool.

onebadmamajama said...

I remember that show! I never caught the drug references though LOL I just let the kids get up while I was still sleeping and watch. MOTY, right?!

Bev said...

PS) Your widget is broken!

Reinstall. Don't let the spambots win! :-p

jessica o said...

Kids have all the cool drug toys.

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I think they must have remade Beavis and Butt Head with fur!