Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bloodless Saturday! YAY!

I figured you all might be wondering what facial trauma was sustained yesterday. I admit, I held my breath all day, wincing at every mis-step. But I'm happy to report we had our first Saturday that didn't involve stitches or blood-letting of any sort. There was a sigh of relief as I tucked him into bed and gave him a kiss (or 20).
Today we spent the day at Canobie Lake Park, a local amusement which is one our family's favorite hang outs. As some of you may remember just a few short months ago Beck was totally terrified about riding in a car. Who would have thought he would now be riding as many rides as he could; the carousel, the autobahn, the horse-n-buggy, the seaplanes (which he screamed jubilantly as he made it fly high in the sky), the firetruck, and the train that circles the park. He laughed and smiled all day... except when it was time to get off the ride.... he wanted them to go and go and go. I wish I had remembered my camera!!!


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Hilary Marquis said...

He loved it because there were no creepy Kyrgy carnies hanging around! I am so glad Beck is adjusting SO well, I miss the little guy :)