Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maybe he'll follow in Mommy's hoof-prints

Beck definately has interest in the horses (YAY!). He enjoys joining me out in the barn in the morning while I clean stalls. He tries to help out but of course he doesn't really have the hang of it yet, which usually means it takes me twice as long to get the morning chores done. But I think he'll figure it out. First I'll teach him how to muck stalls, then I'll teach him how to barrel race!


Shea said...

Great action shots!! I think Xander's going to be a rider too :)

Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

I know nothing of horses (my grandparents were dairy farmers) but these pics. look really impressive. What kid wouldn't want to grow up around such neat animals?

Mark C in CT said...

Mala & Joe: Courtney D from the CACAs sent me the link to your blog. I read through it tonight and loved every word of it. You guys should be proud of what you've done. I can feel the love and passion you have put into your experience with Beck, and I know those feelings will continue to grow for you, Morgan and Beck. I also think your choice of Beck's middle name was awesome. I'll give you a call this weekend so we can figure out a time to get together. Love, Brother Mark