Saturday, September 1, 2007

We're HOME... and in the ER

Again, this is going to be a short entry. We made it home after 23 hours of traveling. The first flight was nothing less than hellish, Beck was tired and cramped. The flight ended with some rude bastard telling me that my child is a monster and I should have never brought him on a flight, I responded to him that I just adopted him and was bringing him home and how exactly should I do that... FedEx?! I than fired back that I didn't appreciate his big ass feet kicking me in the ankles for the entire flight.
Our second flight went MUCH better, in fact when we got up to exit a few people said they didn't even know he was there for the 7 1/2 hours.
Morgan was so excited to meet her new brother. He ran up and gave her hugs for about 10 minutes (I promise I'll post pictures later).
Today we got up and went on our first family outing to Target. While looking for some bubble bath, Beck did a classic toddler fumble and hit face first into the display shelf... so off to the hospital for stitches. Home for less than 12 hours and he's already broken.... But at least we're home.
We're hoping tomorrow will be a better day... hopefully he'll stop screaming everytime he sees the cat or dog.... and no more trips to the ER.


Jackie said...

Welcome Home Mala & Beck!! What a first day...poor little guy. Congratulations and enjoy your new son. Post pics when you can ;)

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

I am so glad you gave it right back to that guy!! What a punk! I can't stand people like that.
Anyway - glad you are home with Beck. Great pics - that poor eye!