Sunday, September 2, 2007

Great Day... very little blood.

It has been a bumpy beginning but today was a great day, despite the spontaneous bloody nose. We went to McDonald's this morning to go play in their playland. Beck and Morgan laughed and ran, climbed and smiled. It was great. After a few other stops Joe had to drive to Vermont and I made the decision to take the kids to the local state fair. People gasped at the idea, 'are you sure you want to do that?'. But I figured I'd meet my Father, Brother and Niece there and if all did not go well we'd just go home. I thought if I made it there for an hour I'd call it a success. Well 7 hours later I just got home with 2 very tired (and sticky) kids who had a blast! Beck was beaming all day, taking in all the sites (and of course the food) and never once cried or fussed. Oddly enough we discovered he has a real thing for Oxen pulling (who would have thunk it!). And even though the dog and cat still scare the daylights out of him, he was laughing and giggling over the sheep, goats, cows and ducks. (Did I mention he was blowing kisses to Mr. Dee - my Arabian horse- today. He seems to love watching the horses).
And the best part, he gave me my first kiss today! (Grammy got the honors of first kiss in Almaty).
So tomorrow's goal; maybe a little less fear about the dog and cat... and dare I dream... NO BLOOD!


Marnie said...

I am so glad that today was a better day. I can't believe that Beck is afraid of dogs. By the way, you now have a boy. Blood is a fact of life!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Don't feel bad about the ER visit. We were in the ER with our dgt in the first month or so as well. She cut the very tip of her finger off. I kept thinking the staff there were thinking "And they let you bring this child home why?" But everyone was nice and understanding. Glad today was better for you guys.

Shea said...

I didn't know you had a horse! I have 5 (2 Percherons, a Shire, an App and a Mustang) and a POA Pony and 5 donkeys. Since we don't know anything about Xander before July of last year I was interested to discover that not only is he not afraid of our horses he can ride! We put him on our donkey within a few days of coming home (since we had seen so many kids with donkeys in KG) and he was taking the leadline from us to ride within moments. He's since graduated from the donk to the pony and he's angling for time on the Percherons now :)

Terena said...

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